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Office design, a tool for Branding in business

450x300 branding
24 November, 2014

The office design becomes one of the main strategies for branding creating. Even though in past years most of the companies didn’t consider the workplace as a possible tool to enhance their brand image, in recent times there are already many companies that have chosen branding also perform in their offices. (more…)


mampara U 2
12 November, 2014

There are three fundamental elements in the office design of co-working spaces, especially because clarity, that can be harnessed through the installation of glass office partitions, is essential when you are recreating an open, transparent and friendly space. (more…)


29 October, 2014

One of the design elements more used to distributeworking spaces, are the mobile partitions. The dynamism and versatility of mobile partitions convert them to a tool very useful at the time of divide zones, being able to change the distribution according to the necessities of the employees. (more…)

The use of technical partitions in the co-working design

3 October, 2014

Nowadays, the spaciousness, the confortability, and the conjunction of environments are key factors influencing the good development of the daily work. In fact, there are many employers that, in view of obtaining a better and greater productivity, they chose to convert the design of their office in a recreation of an open-plan space, friendly and communicative, using technical office partitions in specific places. These stylistic aspects, focused on obtaining a greater efficiency, have been adopted peacefully by the co-working spaces, where several freelances share a same office divided by technical office partitions to carry out their various business activities. In this kind of offices the technical partitions are very important. (more…)


1 August, 2014

Building Project done forProvital in July 2013, a company dedicated to research and development, production, marketing and sales in the field of the cosmetic industry, based in Barcelona. To these central offices that take 900 m2, located in Barberà del Vallès, it was chosen the ELITE Program designed by Francesc Rifé, with 200 m2 of Envatech ® screen. This work has been conducted jointly with the interior designer Jaume Cabina and the engineering office Enginyeria Bellavista. It consists mainly of glass partitions “head-on” for an office with an innovative design, away from the traditional concept of screen. (more…)
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