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20 April, 2018

Envatech has successfully completed the work of the new DP GRUP offices located in La Bisbal d’Empordà, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition and mobile partition. (more…)

Tips to get a healthy office

oficina saludable
6 April, 2018

To work in a healthy, flexible, different, efficient office and full of open spaces is the dream of many employees. However, the reality is different and there are few sites where the place is adapted to workers and not int the other way. Fortunately, modern office design integrates formulas and solutions to make employee life easier and easier.



23 March, 2018

Envatech has successfully carried out the work of the new Titan Industries (Titanlux) offices located in Auditori Tower located in Barcelona, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition (more…)

Office design’s influence on productivity

9 March, 2018

The extreme business competitiveness that exists today forces companies to look for new formulas to increase the performance of companies. Fortunately, there is an easy and simple method to increase productivity, it is about improving the working conditions of employees thanks to the design of modern and attractive offices to work.


Top 10 best Offices in 2017

23 February, 2018

Once finished the year 2017, it is the moment to see which have been the 10 best offices that have been constructed in the year 2017 in the world.


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