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Top 10 best Offices in 2017

23 February, 2018

Once finished the year 2017, it is the moment to see which have been the 10 best offices that have been constructed in the year 2017 in the world.


Últimas tendencias en el diseño de oficinas

14 February, 2018

Actualmente, el mercado laboral se encuentra en constante evolución. De hecho, existen nuevas profesiones que, en breve, revolucionarán el mercado laboral. Estas profesiones del futuro también supondran un cambio de los entornos laborales. Así pues, la transformación digital, la flexibilidad laboral, los espacios de co-working e incluso el trabajo a distancia necesitarán nuevos espacios de trabajo que se ajusten a la nueva realidad. Existe entonces una oportunidad de negocio en la rehabilitación y construcción de nuevos espacios de trabajo donde el diseño de los espacios cambie radicalmente y se adapte a las nuevas necesidades.


The dream office: open, creative and conciliatory spaces.

12 January, 2018

In order to have a happy workforce is not enough to offer well-located offices or good furniture, because a good workplace has a significant impact on the employee’s productivity. According to several studies, there is a large number of workers who do not believe that their work space allows them to be as effective as possible. To achieve an optimal experience, an ‘open space’ offices can help to promote creativity such as ‘brainstorming’ rooms, ‘coworkings’ or facilities that help with the personal life of the employees, such as medical consultations or day care centers.


Paper #08 envatech – Office functional spaces

28 December, 2017

Nowadays society is in á transformation process, as it happens in the business and job fields. For example, one of the most ingrained work and offices customs such as functional spaces are suffering a different evolution, construction and design.

The current employees and employers needs are different from those of a few years ago. The key is to adapt to the new times incorporating functional offices and different elements that make up an office to give it a modern, flexible and functional touch.



19 December, 2017

ENVATECH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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