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The way to the specialized “Coworkings”.

20 November, 2017

The main property of the real estate market in the last years has been the reduction of the walls in many offices, the rise of the open and shared spaces and the large tables where entire departments have been placed. The coworkings and shared offices, which offered their services to third parties, have been erected as a solution. However, after the frist growing and now that they are already settled in the market, it is time to be specialized.


Mobile partitions: dynamism and versatility

6 November, 2017

One of the design elements more used to distribute working spaces, are the mobile partitions. The dynamism and versatility of mobile partitions convert them to a tool very useful at the time of divide zones, being able to change the distribution according to the necessities of the employees. 


Technical floors, the best solution for working areas.

20 October, 2017

There are many voices that defend the installation of technical flooring as a final coating for our floors, especially in working areas. But, what is a technical floor? And, what are the main advantages of this type of solution?


Carpets, an added value

6 October, 2017

Every surface with carpet contributes to the good design and the creation of a more welcoming space. Although the main objective of every office is that workers feel comfortable and at ease, there are other benefits less known but just as important. What are these advantages?


WELL Certification

22 September, 2017

WELL, the construction standard, just 3 years since its release, is the best methodology in order to evaluate healthy ambiences for all those who work in a particular environment.


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