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Design of coworking spaces: the importance of designing spaces for inspiration and co-creation

23 November, 2018

Design is the key for work enviroment’s generation, specifically in the ‘coworking’ is indispensable. The ‘coworking’ must promote the interaction, the collaboration, the exchange of opinions and experiences. The frequent use of mobile panels, separating screens and other imaginative solutions to divide the space giving the answer to this need. Close to the open concept, the design of ‘coworking’ spaces stands out for it´s creativity. The aim is to create comfortable environments, in which the professional feels comfortable, improving his efficiency and productivity.


The office design to promote workers creativity

Diseño de oficinas espacios creativos para fomentar la creatividad de los trabajadores
26 October, 2018

The massive incorporation of the new technologies to the work environments has supposed, close to other many factors, a deep transformation in the way we understand the productive relations and organizations. The office design faces the great challenge of following the pace to a few flexible and global work environments, with needs constant change.


Offices with emotions and values, the new key to productivity

11 October, 2018

Nature at work is changing and spaces must be adapted to drive the digital transformation and agile methodologies. Promote the welfare of employees of a company improves your mood and productivity. Of course, each company must adapt to the sector and find your best design, adapting to what suits you, there is no single recipe.


Biophilic design in offices: workplace well-being

27 September, 2018

The therapeutic effect of nature is widely known and are increasingly architects and designers who bet incorporation into offices and buildings of urban environments. It is what is known as biophilic design, a new interior and architectural trend in which nature a design element becomes more. (more…)

The key to office productivity: the neuro-architecture

14 September, 2018

Maybe the chaotic layout of the office abstracts you from the routine in search of a certain order, that the excessive proximity with your companions constantly invites inconsequential conversations or that the poor interior lighting reduces your capacities to the maximum.


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