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15 June, 2018

Envatech has been in London, where it has celebrated the Clerkenwell Design Week, a great laboratory of design and architecture trends where, for a week, the future becomes the present (more…)

Keys to design an ideal office

1 June, 2018

The eight hours of average daily work cause that people spend around 33% of our time in the office. If we talk about entrepreneurs, executives and staff with a split schedule, the time can be lengthened until ten o’clock. That is the reason why in the offices design we seek to create orderly spaces, clean, harmonious, bright, apart from well decorated, that encourage work, promote creativity and improve the efficiency of workers.

For these reasons, it is key that at the time you choose the design of offices, divisions, furniture and objects to be placed that you look for comfort and take into account basic aspects such as efficient, communicative, empowering the synergies between the teams, that is respectful with the environment.



18 May, 2018

Envatech has successfully completed the work of the new offices of Mobles Julià, installing the partition CODE by Ovicuo double glazing. (more…)

Room dividers in offices: how to distribute the space

Sala de reuniones innovadora
4 May, 2018

The organization and the comfortable distribution in the office open-space contributes to achieve a good work environment. Not in vain, the space distribution and an adequate separation of environments improves labor efficiency by providing our workers with a sufficient, wide, comfortable and suitable space for the development of their activities.

In addition, current decoration trends, aesthetics and space distribution are paying close attention to an adequate separation of environments in the same workplace. Although an office is a work environment, employees work better if they have certain services unthinkable a few years ago as a daycare, a rest room next to the work tables, common offices, massage and leisure room, and so on.



20 April, 2018

Envatech has successfully completed the work of the new DP GRUP offices located in La Bisbal d’Empordà, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition and mobile partition. (more…)

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