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Ceilings are the easiest and fastest to install and disassemble, in some way they provide the best possible illumination. Ceilings play an important role in optimizing the reflection of light giving as result energy-saving. Finally they absorb and reduce noise. The acoustic absorb improve the comfort and the productivity. According to specifics criteria the acoustic ceilings Armstrong reduce in some way the levels of sound and interior spaces, thanks to the highest acoustic absorption and the lateral attenuation they have. Armstrong also can advice you in regarding of absorption acoustic and necessary time of reverberation to satisfy your requirements.


Armstrong offers a wide range of ceilings in mineral fibre and others fibres as (glass fibre and wool rock). The specifiers features an extensive range of products, from soft texture models to more traditional figurative finishes , with several options of lateral finishes, dimensions, colours, design or performance. There exist classics models as (basic range and high productivity), from design (geometrics, colours) and from high-performance (acoustic, hygiene, durability, etc)


Vinyl ceiling offers many advantages in regarding to maintenance operations; repairing installations and due their demountability pipes. Has a high level of light reflection in which permits to take advantage of the natural light and saving in electrical consumption. In addition is cleaner, adding that allows the cleaning of it only with a simple humid cloth and a little portion of soap.


The principal types of shaving ceilings are the CELENIT (Fir shavings) and the HERAKLITH. Its panels are made of wood shavings crowded with white cement. The principal characteristics are the highest absorption acoustics and thermal, their persistence and the good behaviour in front of fire and the humidity, permitting the compatibility with many materials of construction and paintings. Although it’s formed by wood shavings don’t serves as nutritional support for bacteria or fungi. It’s ideal for spaces that require high acoustic and thermal absorption and parking.


The metal ceiling is one of the options that we can choose from the mid-range of false ceilings. It has many advantages, as maintaining operations, facilities and equipment repair works due to each component can be demounted, and also the maintaining of itself. There are different types of panels: the smooth unperforated, the perforated or even the microperforated, depending on the finish of the metal ceiling and also the acoustic results we are searching for.


There are innumerable possibilities if we talk about decorative ceilings. The wood decorative ceiling not only respects the design and the perfect finish, but also can be used as a sound absorption system and contribute to a more efficient air conditioning like the Fantoni ones. There are also the Armstrong mineral fiber ceilings with the most incredible designs, that don’t follow any rule, creating different forms, curves and waves in order to be adapted for each case, even with the strictest interior designers.