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8 February, 2019

A well-known international real estate company has developed a scientific measurement tool designed to quantify the influence of the work environment into the increase of the productivity and well-being of the employers. (more…)

The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2018

11 January, 2019

Having a look at the most emphasized projects of last 2018 according to the recognized platform @officesnapshots, we find a few trends and common parameters that besides being very present in the last year we are sure they will also be determining the way offices are designed next years as well.



21 December, 2018

ENVATECH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The offices will remain closed from December 24 to January 1 (both included).

10 key trends for office design

14 December, 2018

The digital revolution has propitiated the appearance of a new concept of collaborative work, which is transforming the structures of traditional labor market and stimulating an enormous evolution inside the office design and job environments. 


Design of coworking spaces: the importance of designing spaces for inspiration and co-creation

23 November, 2018

Design is the key for work enviroment’s generation, specifically in the ‘coworking’ is indispensable. The ‘coworking’ must promote the interaction, the collaboration, the exchange of opinions and experiences. The frequent use of mobile panels, separating screens and other imaginative solutions to divide the space giving the answer to this need. Close to the open concept, the design of ‘coworking’ spaces stands out for it´s creativity. The aim is to create comfortable environments, in which the professional feels comfortable, improving his efficiency and productivity.


The office design to promote workers creativity

Diseño de oficinas espacios creativos para fomentar la creatividad de los trabajadores
26 October, 2018

The massive incorporation of the new technologies to the work environments has supposed, close to other many factors, a deep transformation in the way we understand the productive relations and organizations. The office design faces the great challenge of following the pace to a few flexible and global work environments, with needs constant change.


Offices with emotions and values, the new key to productivity

11 October, 2018

Nature at work is changing and spaces must be adapted to drive the digital transformation and agile methodologies. Promote the welfare of employees of a company improves your mood and productivity. Of course, each company must adapt to the sector and find your best design, adapting to what suits you, there is no single recipe.


Biophilic design in offices: workplace well-being

27 September, 2018

The therapeutic effect of nature is widely known and are increasingly architects and designers who bet incorporation into offices and buildings of urban environments. It is what is known as biophilic design, a new interior and architectural trend in which nature a design element becomes more. (more…)

The key to office productivity: the neuro-architecture

14 September, 2018

Maybe the chaotic layout of the office abstracts you from the routine in search of a certain order, that the excessive proximity with your companions constantly invites inconsequential conversations or that the poor interior lighting reduces your capacities to the maximum.



3 August, 2018

ENVATECH reports that from 13th to 26th of August the company will be on holiday period. 


What is a Smart Office and what are its advantages?

oficinas coworking Mitre
27 July, 2018

The Smart Office represents for many the natural evolution of work environments after the massive incorporation of new technologies. Digitization has changed the way we work and, therefore, we need new spaces adapted to this new philosophy. Innovation and communication are two of the key features of these new intelligent office. From the point of view of design, Smart Offices opt for open spaces, which allow a fluid communication between the various departments, together with an adaptable separation of environments.


22@ district records the highest figure of the contraction of offices the latest years

18 July, 2018

District 22@ has closed 2017 with a total of 86 letting deals totaling 101,000 square meters, which is the highest figure in the last ten years and 34% more than the previous two years. This  figure represents 30% of the total of Barcelona and is led by pre-lease transactions. (more…)

Space partitions: otpimize the space in your offices

29 June, 2018

Space optimization is a key factor when deciding on the design of your workspace. New trends in architecture, design and decoration are betting on open spaces, where the division of spaces is achieved through items of furniture or other moving parts, such as office partition walls, movable partitions or screens office. Aspects such as lighting or furniture design, with a focus on storage systems should also be taken into account.



15 June, 2018

Envatech has been in London, where it has celebrated the Clerkenwell Design Week, a great laboratory of design and architecture trends where, for a week, the future becomes the present (more…)

Keys to design an ideal office

1 June, 2018

The eight hours of average daily work cause that people spend around 33% of our time in the office. If we talk about entrepreneurs, executives and staff with a split schedule, the time can be lengthened until ten o’clock. That is the reason why in the offices design we seek to create orderly spaces, clean, harmonious, bright, apart from well decorated, that encourage work, promote creativity and improve the efficiency of workers.

For these reasons, it is key that at the time you choose the design of offices, divisions, furniture and objects to be placed that you look for comfort and take into account basic aspects such as efficient, communicative, empowering the synergies between the teams, that is respectful with the environment.



18 May, 2018

Envatech has successfully completed the work of the new offices of Mobles Julià, installing the partition CODE by Ovicuo double glazing. (more…)

Room dividers in offices: how to distribute the space

Sala de reuniones innovadora
4 May, 2018

The organization and the comfortable distribution in the office open-space contributes to achieve a good work environment. Not in vain, the space distribution and an adequate separation of environments improves labor efficiency by providing our workers with a sufficient, wide, comfortable and suitable space for the development of their activities.

In addition, current decoration trends, aesthetics and space distribution are paying close attention to an adequate separation of environments in the same workplace. Although an office is a work environment, employees work better if they have certain services unthinkable a few years ago as a daycare, a rest room next to the work tables, common offices, massage and leisure room, and so on.



20 April, 2018

Envatech has successfully completed the work of the new DP GRUP offices located in La Bisbal d’Empordà, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition and mobile partition. (more…)

Tips to get a healthy office

oficina saludable
6 April, 2018

To work in a healthy, flexible, different, efficient office and full of open spaces is the dream of many employees. However, the reality is different and there are few sites where the place is adapted to workers and not int the other way. Fortunately, modern office design integrates formulas and solutions to make employee life easier and easier.



23 March, 2018

Envatech has successfully carried out the work of the new Titan Industries (Titanlux) offices located in Auditori Tower located in Barcelona, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition (more…)

Office design’s influence on productivity

9 March, 2018

The extreme business competitiveness that exists today forces companies to look for new formulas to increase the performance of companies. Fortunately, there is an easy and simple method to increase productivity, it is about improving the working conditions of employees thanks to the design of modern and attractive offices to work.


Top 10 best Offices in 2017

23 February, 2018

Once finished the year 2017, it is the moment to see which have been the 10 best offices that have been constructed in the year 2017 in the world.


Latest trends in office design

14 February, 2018

Currently, the labor market is in constant evolution. In fact, there are new professions that, in short, will revolutionize the labor market. These future professions will also mean a working environment change. The digital transformation, labor flexibility, co-working spaces and even remote work will need new work spaces that adjust to the new reality. Then it exists a business opportunity in the rehabilitation and construction of new work spaces where the design of spaces radically change and adapt to new needs.


More advanced techniques for separating spaces in offices

Separar espacios en oficinas
26 January, 2018

The business world, especially offices and work environments in small spaces have not suffered many changes in recent years. However, recently it is becoming trendy to separate office spaces in the search for large, bright and shinny spaces that allow closeness between employees and improve interpersonal relationships. The modern offices from the big companies use an opening system based on separating spaces.


The dream office: open, creative and conciliatory spaces.

12 January, 2018

In order to have a happy workforce is not enough to offer well-located offices or good furniture, because a good workplace has a significant impact on the employee’s productivity. According to several studies, there is a large number of workers who do not believe that their work space allows them to be as effective as possible. To achieve an optimal experience, an ‘open space’ offices can help to promote creativity such as ‘brainstorming’ rooms, ‘coworkings’ or facilities that help with the personal life of the employees, such as medical consultations or day care centers.


Paper #08 envatech – Office functional spaces

28 December, 2017

Nowadays society is in á transformation process, as it happens in the business and job fields. For example, one of the most ingrained work and offices customs such as functional spaces are suffering a different evolution, construction and design.

The current employees and employers needs are different from those of a few years ago. The key is to adapt to the new times incorporating functional offices and different elements that make up an office to give it a modern, flexible and functional touch.



19 December, 2017

ENVATECH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paper #07 envatech – Workspaces distribution

Distribución de espacios de trabajo
30 November, 2017

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” is a very famous quote of the painter Pablo Picasso. And it is totally true, creativity and inspiration are out there, but we need to help them find us. The problem is that often the poor distribution of workspaces does not help us to achieve creative and inspiring effect, especially in offices and similar places.


The way to the specialized “Coworkings”.

20 November, 2017

The main property of the real estate market in the last years has been the reduction of the walls in many offices, the rise of the open and shared spaces and the large tables where entire departments have been placed. The coworkings and shared offices, which offered their services to third parties, have been erected as a solution. However, after the frist growing and now that they are already settled in the market, it is time to be specialized.


Mobile partitions: dynamism and versatility

6 November, 2017

One of the design elements more used to distribute working spaces, are the mobile partitions. The dynamism and versatility of mobile partitions convert them to a tool very useful at the time of divide zones, being able to change the distribution according to the necessities of the employees. 


Technical floors, the best solution for working areas.

20 October, 2017

There are many voices that defend the installation of technical flooring as a final coating for our floors, especially in working areas. But, what is a technical floor? And, what are the main advantages of this type of solution?


Carpets, an added value

6 October, 2017

Every surface with carpet contributes to the good design and the creation of a more welcoming space. Although the main objective of every office is that workers feel comfortable and at ease, there are other benefits less known but just as important. What are these advantages?


WELL Certification

22 September, 2017

WELL, the construction standard, just 3 years since its release, is the best methodology in order to evaluate healthy ambiences for all those who work in a particular environment.


Resting rooms

8 September, 2017

In the last years, the idea has appeared in the conscience of the companies of that it is necessary to create a suitable environment of work giving the major number of facilities and comforts to their employees. This new environment focused on the spaces of rest, leisure or recreation.



28 July, 2017

ENVATECH reports that from 7th to 27th of August the company will be on holiday period.  (more…)


7 July, 2017

Envatech®’s web has been updated.


The importance of the colors in the workplaces

23 June, 2017

The workplaces of an office need to favor the capacity of concentration and reflection.


Envatech, everyday closer to you

9 June, 2017

Envatech is present in three important European cities …:


Envatech in social networks

26 May, 2017

Envatech is very active in the social networks…


Scullery room for the offices

4 May, 2017

All the offices of a certain importance have a room for the employees where to be able to eat, have breakfast or simply take a coffee.



21 April, 2017

Envatech has collaborated in Sopra Banking’s offices project in Casablanca (Morocco). 



31 March, 2017


Envatech begins 2017 with numerous publications in recognized online and offline mass media.



3 March, 2017

There are many forms to get relaxed in the new century’s companies…



16 February, 2017

The magazine “Centro Informativo de la  Construcción” in its edition of December / January, 2017 brings one article about the new ways of understanding the WORK PLACE. (more…)

Fossil’s office in Barcelona

2 February, 2017

Fossil offices in Barcelona (more…)

QBox in Expansión

20 January, 2017

The diary Expansión in his section Casas y estilo de vida presents the new “signings” of the office. (more…)


2 January, 2017

On 17th November, the #nextworkplace event was held at the Arts Santa Mònica cultural center in Barcelona, included in the conference Architecture Congress organized by the COAC (School Architecte Catalunya).



20 December, 2016

ENVATECH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


2 December, 2016

Envatech introduces the design process of QBox by nuklee, the new collection which offers different solutions to shape workplaces.



4 November, 2016

Different views of the experts “workspace” from different professional backgrounds will serve as a preamble to start a transdisciplinary roundtable, which will discuss what is happening and where the new work spaces could be headed.


Envatech introduces QBox by Nuklee

21 October, 2016

Envatech introduces QBox, the new collection designed by Nuklee, which offers different solutions to shape workplaces. (more…)


7 October, 2016

The design of partitions in interior spaces is much appreciate for manufacturers and interior designers, when it comes to do a refurbishment or a new construction of an interior space. ENVATECH partitions cover the whole needs of any client, according to the design, acoustic features, finishes types… (more…)


23 September, 2016

In Hermarta we are positioned by dynamic and healthy in workspaces environments. (more…)


19 September, 2016

The prestigious engineering and industry magazine DYNA, who’s specialized in evaluating and disseminating knowledge, from the publication of original articles or currently news on multidisciplinary engineering in Spanish language, they dedicate a new post of ENVATECH screens. (more…)


2 September, 2016

The last 12th of May, took place ENVATECH´s event of “Parlem d’espais de treball” (“Speaking of work spaces”), within the presentation of the new partition CODE by OVICUO Design BCN, at Arpa Trespa Design Centre in Barcelona. (more…)


29 July, 2016

ENVATECH reports that from 8th to 28th of August the company will be on holiday period. (more…)

Ergonomics at the office

15 July, 2016

Ergonomics allows us to transform and redesign the workspaces due to normally people do repetitive and incorrect movements during their work at the office. The comfort and a good posture of the employee can prevent injuries at the office, or at least can reduce elements directly related with occupational accidents. (more…)

Design, installation and assembly with ENVATECH

8 July, 2016

Envatech has different views to concept the design of our products: Starting with ELITE, a system that shows luminosity and class, giving the sensation of a more open space, also has a variety of elevations that breaks with the routine and creates dynamism. (more…)


20 May, 2016

Last Thursday, May 12th , took place ENVATECH´s event of “Parlem d’espais de treball” (“Speaking of work spaces”), within the presentation of the new bulkhead CODE by OVICUO Design BCN, at Arpa Trespa Design Centre in Barcelona. (more…)


1 April, 2016

ENVATECH opens in Paris his new office partitioning program CODE BY OVICUO. This collection offers an organic and unique design with fast execution, high quality and perfect finished product. (more…)

Our Showroom

19 February, 2016

Envatech has a Showroom, located on the 5th floor 456 Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona. These are offices where customers can go and visit and see our product catalog mounted. (more…)


29 January, 2016

Rest areas of an office must be enabled for employees during his working day to unwind and relax. The areas has to be spacious and comfortable. So not to feel overwhelmed and have a relaxing sensation. (more…)

Take advantage of unused space.

15 January, 2016

The application of some useful measures to office furniture can take advantage of unused space. In this way, use diferent warm colors give greater feeling of spaciousness and combines clear ones achieved spaces with a great lighthing by enhancing light indoors. (more…)


31 December, 2015

ENVATECH adapts to the demands of our customers with an implementation of the interior spaces and analyzing each one because every customer is unique. We offer a unique design with fast execution, high quality and perfect finish. (more…)


18 December, 2015

Envatech team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


4 December, 2015

Nowadays we have different possibilities to play with the finishes, using a wide variety of range of colors, paintings, forms and embedded drawings in surfaces, a variety of materials such as melamine, hardwood floors, glass, vinyl drawings, and you can also play with lighting using artificial lights like LEDs, oxeye type light, floor lights and natural light as windows and skylights. (more…)


20 November, 2015

The wall storage gives us an added value to space, allowing the creation of compartments and the possibility of dividing a those areas that require greater use. Distribution and harmony are essential aspects when we try to organize spaces within an office, without losing the functional wall closet provides aspects. (more…)


9 November, 2015

A good enviroment for work is based on a maximum advantage of daylighting because it offers benefits that many of us unknown. Do not forget that provides wellness, increases productivity, reduces irritability of sight and unnecessary reflections of employees with computers. (more…)

Office, feeling at home.

9 October, 2015

There are a many companies that get a high importance and functionality to their offices, so it is where most of their activities take place. A correct structure and disposition help to improve the productivity. This requires adapting the design in terms on the corporate culture of each one considering the way of working of all employees of the company and the space that is available. (more…)

Internal marketing, image of the company

9 October, 2015

We all know that people who make up our organization are the most important asset of companies. Motivation and commitment of these people about the project depends on de success or the failure of the organization. (more…)


9 October, 2015

Many companies are betting on the creation of the model Open Space in their offices, characterized by open spaces, with island of tables no separated by walls, in order to promote communication and business relationship of employees. (more…)


26 June, 2015

The color is a determinant factor that helps to define the corporative identity of a company and have a direct relation with productivity and effectiveness. Given that each person have a different reaction to color, the ideal environment should be very personal, something that is very difficult to get in an office. (more…)


7 May, 2015

The image of company reception is often little respected, but do not forget that influences our perception of the rest of the organization. That is, a first impression that we should pay special attention to its design. (more…)


17 April, 2015

In September 2014, Envatech completes the project in collaboration with Bema arquitectes (Mercè Majoral + Sara Bonet) of Gráficas Llinars offices located next to their factory. For this project, the architects opted for the combination of tranches of opaque ash color melamine and stretches of double glass with INOX profiles. (more…)

ENVATECH & SINCOTRON ALBA: At the service of high technology.

10 April, 2015

ENVATECH has adapted its system partition walls for a very specific project which is SINCOTRON ALBA®; this building lodges in its interior a high technological component since they do tests that are characterized by accelering particles of electrons using energy storage rings with a final result of extremely special light energy. Their productive dimensions of 80.000 m2, and 250.000 m2 available to accommodate companies with a clear vocation I + D + I, exhibit currently this technology park as one of the most advanced in Europe. (more…)


30 March, 2015

The minimalist office design is characterized by the simplicity of shapes, clean lines and clear spaces. Creating ordered and functional environments. (more…)


9 March, 2015

In June 2014 the new corporate offices of Banco Sabadell were performed in Paris, on Avenue des Champs Elysées. It is an office of 400 m2, designed according to the corporate image of the company. Based on transparency between different spaces and reflecting sobriety and the values of Banco Sabadell. The partition program that has been chosen is ELITE by Francesc Rife, it’s a design with straight and clean lines, glass frameless partitions, doors and blind partitions are dark grey. This design combines perfectly with the chosen furniture and other elements, achieving a perfect set with Mediterranean touches.

Sustainable offices design, some of the most sustainable offices around the world

30 January, 2015

The trend toward creating friendly work places with the environment increases year after year. Sustainability is a concept that moves more and more society areas such as the integrated design office. Actually is a shearing of many architects who perform green buildings taking advantage of renewable energy and without harming the ecosystem. Some of the most significant examples, we can see them in the following buildings: (more…)


19 December, 2014

Envatech team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The office design should be based on architectural sustainability

17 December, 2014

A new concept triumphs to create sustainable jobs spaces that saves foster energy. Office design is a sector that is constantly evolving, this means that the trend is moving towards the development of workspaces chords to improving sustainability. Until recently, it was unthinkable that the offices were designed around consumption efficiency but thanks to the existing environmental awareness today, an increasing number of workplaces are accredited in Spain with the LEED certification system . Is an acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Desing and are a set of rules regarding use of sustainability in all types of buildings being one of the most important on the international scene. (more…)

Office design, a tool for Branding in business

24 November, 2014

The office design becomes one of the main strategies for branding creating. Even though in past years most of the companies didn’t consider the workplace as a possible tool to enhance their brand image, in recent times there are already many companies that have chosen branding also perform in their offices. (more…)


12 November, 2014

There are three fundamental elements in the office design of co-working spaces, especially because clarity, that can be harnessed through the installation of glass office partitions, is essential when you are recreating an open, transparent and friendly space. (more…)


29 October, 2014

One of the design elements more used to distributeworking spaces, are the mobile partitions. The dynamism and versatility of mobile partitions convert them to a tool very useful at the time of divide zones, being able to change the distribution according to the necessities of the employees. (more…)

The use of technical partitions in the co-working design

3 October, 2014

Nowadays, the spaciousness, the confortability, and the conjunction of environments are key factors influencing the good development of the daily work. In fact, there are many employers that, in view of obtaining a better and greater productivity, they chose to convert the design of their office in a recreation of an open-plan space, friendly and communicative, using technical office partitions in specific places. These stylistic aspects, focused on obtaining a greater efficiency, have been adopted peacefully by the co-working spaces, where several freelances share a same office divided by technical office partitions to carry out their various business activities. In this kind of offices the technical partitions are very important. (more…)


1 August, 2014

Building Project done forProvital in July 2013, a company dedicated to research and development, production, marketing and sales in the field of the cosmetic industry, based in Barcelona. To these central offices that take 900 m2, located in Barberà del Vallès, it was chosen the ELITE Program designed by Francesc Rifé, with 200 m2 of Envatech ® screen. This work has been conducted jointly with the interior designer Jaume Cabina and the engineering office Enginyeria Bellavista. It consists mainly of glass partitions “head-on” for an office with an innovative design, away from the traditional concept of screen. (more…)


1 August, 2014

ENVATECH  take  this for report that  from 11 to 24 of August the company will be on holidays period.  We continue working on projects and future customers that require our products and services  . Wall partitions.     ENVATECH team remains confident and grateful for the interest of our customers and partners, therefore we hope to continue with all of you at the end of this period of rest and reflection. Best regards, Marketing Department


30 June, 2014

  This month has been other publication of ENVATECH partitions in PROYECTO CONTRACT, interior design magazine for commercial, hostelry and offices, in the 105 magazine number publication at page number 99. The article DOORS AND PARTITIONS, talks about the solution to divide the office space without necessity of major construction works using partitions systems of specialized firms. It emphasizes the new product ELITE partition system, designed by Francesc Rifé. Stresses that it’s a program that gives prominence to the creator of the project, offering different modulations to create dynamic configurations, a wide range of glasses and panels, as well as,  the possibility to link the vertical wall with the reference height office furniture.


13 June, 2014

Until few years ago it hasn’t been global office designs, and the corporate world was not resentful.  It’s clear that until few years ago the sector of Human Resources hasn’t stayed as fullness as nowadays, partly due to the economic stability offered. There was also no conclusive evidence, as we have today, a convenience rather than a workplace environment. There is no doubt that the flexibility of these changing organizational needs and the benefits of the emotional consideration of the employees, have contributed a la popularity of the office partitions. These has become privileged allies of office design, essential for the Human Resources Department serves the business performance without losing sight of what is human. (more…)


4 April, 2014

  Offices in Torre Europa Madrid, is a global corporation of Engineer, development and infrastructures projects construction, with international presence.   These offices take approximately 1000 m² and it has 250 m² of Envatech partitions,  concretely  NEO by Mimbreri Collection.   It is a work with glasses “head-on”, adapting to the curves of the building.  The Large sections of glass and crystal meetings “head-on”, allow the passage of natural light without interruption, bring lightness to these modern and dynamic offices.   (more…)


4 April, 2014

ENVATECH office partitions, with its new collection Elite by Francesc Rifé has been chosen for the firsts pages of Proyecto Contract magazine,  as interior design magazine for commercial, hostelry  and office installations.   The new stands out differential points between Elite by Francesc Rifé collection and the existent partitions in market, its innovative and different style, thought for companies that need a different image. (more…)


7 March, 2014

      In the integral design of offices, moved by a holistic treatment of employees converges the visual innovation with the opened or closed space sensations. ENVATECH office partitions offer a lot of combination options and a wide range of materials that make easier the creation of environments in a company. An integral design, breaks up with traditional conceptions, the office is thought as the place of meeting between company and employee.  Of this interaction has to emerge a positive emotional state for both. Can an office create this relationship? (more…)


30 December, 2013

  ENVATECH brand reference on manufacturing interior spaces using its prefabricated partitions has launched the framed door, with aluminium profiles , in answer to architects  requests in order to stylize.   This type of door allows better internal sealing acoustically and thermal. (more…)


30 December, 2013

    Envatech team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


15 October, 2013

ENVATECH office partitions  arrives at the Nigerian market. Currently, we are studying various office projects with ENVATECH products : partitions, partitioning cabinets, movable partitions, phoenolic cabins, technical floor, etc. Between 31st October – 2nd November 2013 we will be at CONSTRAD 2013: INTERNATIONAL TRADE SHOW AND EXPO to present our products, you can find us at STAND 42, AREA C, LATANA & ORCHID HALLS, Expo Centre of Eko Hotel & Suites, Adetokunbo Ademola Street , Victoria Island, Lagos. (more…)


11 October, 2013

ENVATECH office technical paritions arrives at  French market. During last year, there have been studied many projects in many regions. For more information, please contact the information provided below, with our Commercial  Delegate  in France: Marie-Pierre Galamon.   (more…)


28 May, 2013

Francesc Rifé and ENVATECH have worked together in the design of ELITE; ENVATECH’s new office screens. ELITE customizes office screens through different enclosures and profiles, creating an unique design, thanks to the lightness of it’s structure, glass panels, LED lights and even curved enclosures. ¿Do you want to know more about ELITE? Learn more straight from it’s designer.

Intelligent design: personality and practicality at the offices interior design

Envatech personalización oficinas
8 April, 2013

lexibility, both in development and in the end, has become an essential quality for the company nowadays. In a world where change is constant, adapt to circumstances and be able to observe the social environment around us, it is crucial to maintain a competitive position. When change comes, we must be prepared. Envatech ® strives to offer the best solution betting adaptability, creating a unique synergy between practicality and personality. The project conducted for the developer ALIVN High ValueProperties in Barcelona joins a series of projects that start, above all, by confidence and have a common goal: to differentiate. In addition to providing a unique personality to the workspace, for Envatech is important to maintain professional line of a solid brand. The 400 m² plant of this project were renewed by Envatech partitions and Neo by Mimbreri Program. The result is a space of great adaptability to customer needs in terms of special finishes (high gloss lacquered, walls and doors coplanar). The interior design provides a particular view of its new offices, especially at high and medium direction areas, emphasizing the management room. No doubt the game that Envatech partintions allow make easier an interior approach which the most important is the intelligent design: design that can adapt to changes.  

ENVATECH: portability as the added-value.

mamparas oficinas barcelona
19 February, 2013

The company that moves its offices has to face several challenges. Among them, there is the new workspace equipment.

ENVATECH collections (CLASSIC, NEO by Mimbreri ELITE by Francesc Rife) are designed to facilitate its portability process by offering the possibility to reuse all the screens and partitions of the current office to adapt them to the new location.

More specifically, ELITE line, designed by Francesc Rife, improves traditional models of compartmentalization, optimizing acoustics and their installation. By launching new aesthetics forms, it also allows a better customization for the new office, using LED technology, random models of enclosure panels as well as curved glass.

Removals and transfers are never easy but ENVATECH commits to reinstall your new workspace with the elements already chosen, adapting them to the characteristics of the new space. One of the most important advantages is the considerable saving that implies in the costs of the company.

Having a custom design optimizes productivity and staff satisfaction, apart from contributing to unify and maintain a proper branding.

Interview with Francesc Rifé (Part 2 of 4)

24 January, 2013

Francesc Rifé and ENVATECH have worked together in the design of ELITE; ENVATECH’s new office screens.

ELITE customizes office screens through different enclosures and profiles, creating an unique design, thanks to the lightness of it’s structure, glass panels, LED lights and even curved enclosures.

In the second part of this interview, Francesc Rifé talks about how designers can customize ELITE office screens to make it their own.

Interview with Francesc Rifé (Part 1 of 4)

10 January, 2013

Francesc Rifé and ENVATECH have worked together in the design of ELITE; ENVATECH’s new office screens.

ELITE customizes office screens through different enclosures and profiles, creating an unique design, thanks to the lightness of it’s structure, glass panels, LED lights and even curved enclosures.

¿Do you want to know more about ELITE? Learn more straight from it’s designer.