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QBox by Nuklee

Envatech presents QBox, the new collection designed by Nuklee that offers different solutions to shape workplaces. It was conceived as a divisor system, but at the same time different to the usual sheltered workstation. Each QBox is understood as a small piece of architecture, which has become a product, a delimitated autonomous space with a possibility to be shaped according to the requirements of each project. QBox emerged from the concept of a cube, whatever the environment; it provides all necessary elements to organize the contemporary office. It is about a flexible system designed to create spaces which allow adapting to different functional and esthetic requirements for each project. It gives you the freedom to choose between different materials, finishes, colors and accessories that composed the collection.   The different models in this collection provide closed points in facilities where the predominant trends are opened spaces. Nowadays the workplace is more related to the technology than the physical space, information is accessible everywhere and the connection in real time allows to maintain the level of communication despite the distance, the proximity is virtual. For this reason it’s important that the workspace coexist with technology and enables this connectivity. Qbox has been designed following these parameters.