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Keys to design an ideal office


The eight hours of average daily work cause that people spend around 33% of our time in the office. If we talk about entrepreneurs, executives and staff with a split schedule, the time can be lengthened until ten o’clock. That is the reason why in the offices design we seek to create orderly spaces, clean, harmonious, bright, apart from well decorated, that encourage work, promote creativity and improve the efficiency of workers.

For these reasons, it is key that at the time you choose the design of offices, divisions, furniture and objects to be placed that you look for comfort and take into account basic aspects such as efficient, communicative, empowering the synergies between the teams, that is respectful with the environment.

In short, it is intended to be a place of work, but make us feel at home. In this way, we will improve the performance of workers by taking into account certain aspects such as making correct office divisions that communicate spaces, choose the equipment well, take advantage of the light and the elements. Do you want to know more? Next, we will give you basic tips to design the perfect office.  

What are the elements that an ideal office should have?

A place of work must have a series of essential elements such as furniture, chairs and office equipment such as offices, meeting rooms, computers, keyboards and office supplies. However, it is useless to count on the suitable material if we do not know how to create harmony and to combine it with the decoration and the space at the time of making the office separations.

The main thing is to take into account the most important asset of any company, the workers. From them, design and office divisions should be considered. It thinks that a correct distribution of the places of work is the base on which part the present design of modern offices.

In the same way that we choose a table or a sofa depending on the places we need, it happens the same in the workplace. We have to adapt the space and the elements to the number of workers who will occupy the place. Therefore, it is key to make office divisions thinking about the personnel that will work in it.

However, in some cases, such as small offices, meeting rooms and places where space is limited, you can play with flexibility and the possibility of creating extra work places by creating office divisions.

Once we distribute and divide the space according to the number of workers it is time to think about the aspects and essential elements that the perfect office should have. The complements, the choice of colors, ergonomic equipment and factors such as decoration and lighting are essential factors of the design of current offices that must be combined perfectly to make workers feel comfortable and perform better.

Office equipment: the basic thing is to have flexible furniture such as tables that allow a quick transfer, but that are sufficiently robust and spacious for employees to work comfortably.

Accompany the tables with modern chairs that allow the placement of ergonomic elements as well as accessories such as footrests, armrests, screens at eye level, and so on.

Lighting is a basic aspect of any office, but beware, it is not worth any light, but it must be a careful choice made on the basis of furniture, space, windows and the proportion of office equipment colors. In addition, we must also think about office partitions as there may be meeting rooms or isolated places where light is scarce and therefore we must incorporate extra lighting such as floor lamps and LED panels to work in that space.

The office materials furniture and equipment must match the decoration of the place, the colors and a correct distribution. The trend and design of current offices recommends the choice of neutral tones such as white, soft tones such as blue and turquoise green that match the furniture and give warmth to the environment without giving stridency.

The last key aspect of an ideal office is to have office partitions to carry out meetings in collected spaces and work without interruptions.

Having private rooms is essential to carry out events such as meetings, conferences and talks that do not disturb the rest of the office. For this you can count on solutions such as the incorporation of office dividers and partitions such as partitions, mobile partitions and all kinds of partitions that make life easier for employees.

Tips and key aspects of office design

It is useless to make a good office design if we don’t care about the characteristics and preferences of our workers. The solution is as easy as asking the employees themselves what their priorities are and trying to adapt to them according to the possibilities.


In case that the workplace is an office that needs creativity and innovation such as a start-up or a design office, it is necessary to have recreational areas, games, meeting rooms and places that encourage creativity, inspiration and activities such as storms of ideas and the like.

Of course, office design should also consider the creation of an efficient, communicative workplace that fosters a good work environment. For this, the key is the creation of common work spaces that adapt to workers. For example, having spaces that are not fixed and rotating the staff by changing their situation is a solution to improve

Finally, we must not forget aspects such as providing the office with eco-friendly solutions that respect the environment, for example; solar chargers for mobile phones, pots with automatic irrigation, faucets with sensor to save water or a heating system that allows central control and saving measures.

How to get an efficient, communicative office that enhances the synergies between teams?

If we have a good distribution of elements and a balance between decoration, colors and equipment, we only need to promote communication between workers. Interpersonal communication is key to improving the work environment. For this, it is necessary to get a balanced number of common areas and private areas that encourage communication, but provide the office with some privacy.

Therefore, when carrying out the office design should be thought of the incorporation of elements such as separations office and mobile partitions that allow the balance between private and common spaces.

Flexibility is the best way to enhance synergies between teams by adapting to the needs of the staff. Another solution is to encourage rotating policies that oblige employees to work certain hours or days in different spaces and tables.

In this way, workers are related to each other and the communication bases are established to improve the synergies between teams. Does your company also think about workers when it comes to designing offices? Discover 7 office decoration ideas from Ofiprix and get inspired.