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Tips to get a healthy office

oficina saludable

To work in a healthy, flexible, different, efficient office and full of open spaces is the dream of many employees. However, the reality is different and there are few sites where the place is adapted to workers and not int the other way. Fortunately, modern office design integrates formulas and solutions to make employee life easier and easier.

Modern and healthy office design

This trend of office design is being transferred slowly to some companies that see the benefits (higher productivity, fewer workloads, workers motivation) of having pleasant spaces for work, efficient and where everyone wants to work.

One of these places is the healthiest office in Spain located in Chamartín, Madrid. The key of the real estate company CBRE is to achieve the idea that spaces can be integrated with people, in order to do it they favor the interaction of the office staff building healthy spaces through the following standards:

  • Orientation to well-being and health
  • Office design specialized in comfort and convenience
  • Taking care of the environment through the correct use of the quality of space, air, light and water
  • Creation of rest spaces for mind care or for the physical exercise practice
  • Encourage open spaces and transparent offices

All these ideas and tips are used in the healthiest and most valued places by workers. In fact, the current office design uses most of the proposals to achieve different locations.

How to achieve open, healthy and people-oriented spaces?

The best places to work are rewarded for their design, construction and orientation towards workers. To access at the number one ranking of Best Places to Work or Best Workplaces Spain 2017, we must take into account the following aspects; employee satisfaction and the management strategy of people through the offices design that give value to a healthy and working environment.

Work and family conciliation is one of the most valued companies target through the care they give to their workers. But all this care and conciliation is worthless when workplace or offices are boring, gray places that do not encourage creativity or motivate work.

To get a different space you have to open the offices and share space. Although this idea is shared by many companies, not all places carry it out due to the fear of office design reforms, the noise of the operators and the inconvenience caused by the renovation and installation of the new spaces.

However, there is an easy and simple solution that hardly involves installation and reduces installation time without disturbing the work environment. We are talking about office partition walls or office dividers.

The design of modern offices includes solutions that do not require work such as office partitions that consist of removable and usable prefabricated panels. This solution fits into most offices and workplaces as they offer multiple advantages and solutions.

For example, you can create interior aluminum structures and play with the creation of blind, mixed or glazed partitions. In this way, you can design offices, common spaces or install leisure structures such as gyms, coffee machines, sofas and facilities that promote the quality of workers.

The key is to adapt the guidelines and the company personality to the new workplace. To achieve it is necessary to take advantage of the benefits offered opening spaces, the common offices and the flexibility of the new offices through the use of partition office walls, panels and furniture that contributes to improving the quality of the working environment.

Which are the aspects that the most valued companies have in common?

Small, medium and large companies such as Liberty Seguros, Kiabi Spain, Dow Ibérica, 3M Spain, Amgen, Proclinic, Arbor Network and Trobit are some of the organizations included in the ranking of 50 best companies to work for in Spain. These companies think in their employees focusing their efforts on aspects such as the design of offices or work place, job satisfaction and the adequacy of human resources policies that improve the work climate.

To conclude, it is something as simple as making life easier for workers starting with something as simple as the renovation of the workplace to create a healthy and creative environment. It is not only the offices design and the creation of pleasant spaces, which it is, but also the integration of other elements such as corridors, technical floors, resting areas, water machines, elements that improve air quality, and so on.

The key is to demonstrate to the worker that it is their most important asset by creating a place to work that brings out the best in the staff. Only in this way are employees able to perform more, be more productive and offer their best version. In this way, it is a win-win for both parts, and is that the experts responsible for making the lists of the best places to work value aspects such as flexibility, work environment and office design, social benefits and hours.

The approach of companies that do not have time or resources to make deep changes in their facilities can benefit from the flexibility offered by elements such as screens or partition walls of office. Versatility and well-being at work increase thanks to a different distribution of space.

For example, partition walls allow placement anywhere without an important work. In addition, office dividers are ideal elements to compartmentalize the space while maintaining the aesthetic decoration of the place. Moreover, changes and modifications can be made based on the opinions of the workers to create the perfect working environment desired by the staff.

There is no better way to value our workers than taking care of their work environment and expand horizons in a new labor relationship that promotes productivity and performance thanks to an office design that encourages the opening of space and the quality of the environment .

In conclusion, open spaces, versatility, flexibility and the installation of new comfortable and accessible environments for the worker.