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On 17th November, the #nextworkplace event was held at the Arts Santa Mònica cultural center in Barcelona, included in the conference Architecture Congress organized by the COAC (School Architecte Catalunya).

A session organized by Envatech, and with the essential collaboration of the designers of QBox (Nuklee), dealt with the future work spaces in the offices, seen from different points of view given by different professionals of the sector, and concluding with a multidisciplinary roundtable, debated what is currently happening and where are the new workspaces, moderated by the architect and designer Miquel Àngel Julià

During the event, the new QBox was introduced as a new concept to solve many of the needs that are being generated in these new workspaces, which require large spaces (open space) to contribute teamwork, but the same time also require isolated spaces for meetings, visits or videoconferences.