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Biophilic design in offices: workplace well-being


The therapeutic effect of nature is widely known and are increasingly architects and designers who bet incorporation into offices and buildings of urban environments. It is what is known as biophilic design, a new interior and architectural trend in which nature a design element becomes more.

Turning your workspace into a biophilic environment can be much simpler than you think and is within reach of all budgets. If it is to reform existing spaces, incorporating natural elements and creating a space open concept by using dividers and partition walls or screens it is a good example of reorganization of space, with minimal cost. Below, we tell you some of the keys to this new trend of sustainable design.

Biophile design oriented to work spaces

The concept of architecture or biophilic design has its origin in the emotional connection existing between the human being and the rest of forms of life that make up nature. This link leads to the incorporation of natural elements in the building, especially for urban environments, to achieve a more sustainable and responsible architecture with the environment. Architecturally, we must consider two aspects of design biophilic.

The first one it is related with the employees well-being and satisfaction levels who perform their tasks in this environment. The presence of natural elements inside the workspaces increases the well-being of the employees by 13% and theis productivity levels increase up tot 6%, according to “Global impact of biophilic design in the workplace”, Global impact of biophilic design in the workplace”, carried out by Interface. Incorporating natural elements such as plants or vertical gardens are one of the hallmarks of these spaces, which allow reconnection of humans with nature. This current design is also committed to the use of materials that maximize natural lighting, such as glass partitions, and natural finishes such as wooden screens separators.

The second is oriented to sustainability factors. In this sense, the biophilic design is committed to systems that minimize energy expenditure from all points of view: air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, etc. For example, in a meeting space created by partitions or screens office air conditioning is much simpler and can keep a warmer or cooler than the rest of the office temperature, according to our needs, with lower energy consumption.

Technical solutions for creating biophilic spaces: partitions and dividers screens

The plant elements are the stars of this new trend in architecture and interior design, but they are not the only ones. This connection to the natural world can be created through different elements, such as natural light, fresh air or water. If you’re thinking about reforming your office in order to achieve a biophilic space, it is not always necessary to embark on a major reform. Incorporating elements such as glass partitions or divider screen office, for example, can help you create different workspaces while maintaining the flow of natural light throughout the office and creating a much nicer set.

The use of partition walls and office screens are the best alternative for offices and work spaces defined and designed according to the principles of design biophilic. These elements allow the creation of differentiated spaces and environments, which we can dedicate to different activities, from productive tasks to spaces of rest or socialization. By folding screens and separating partitions we can define the different areas without structural reforms or complex masonry. If we use them properly, we can achieve a fluid space, which allows easy and quick communication between different areas and also it maximizes the natural lighting.

Las mamparas de cristal son uno de los mejores exponentes del potencial de estos elementos para incorporar el diseño biofílico a los espacios de trabajo en oficinas. Este tipo de mamparas divisorias resultan perfectas para conseguir los objetivos del diseño biofílico. El cristal aporta a las mamparas separadoras un menor peso visual que las paredes u otros elementos arquitectónicos, permitiendo una perfecta división de espacios. Existen mamparas para oficina con acabados de madera natural que aportan un toque adicional de exclusividad y naturalidad, para conseguir espacios más amables y acogedores. Además, las mamparas de cristal permiten un máximo aprovechamiento de la iluminación natural, tanto dentro de los espacios definidos por las mamparas separadoras como entre estos y el resto de la oficina.

The glass partitions are one of the best examples of the potential of these elements to incorporate biophilic design workspaces in offices. This type of partition walls are perfect in order to achieve the objectives of biophilic design. The glass gives less visual weight than walls or other architectural elements, allowing a perfect division of the space. Office partition walls exist with natural wood finishes that provide an extra touch of exclusivity and naturalness, to get more friendly and welcoming spaces. In addition, glass partitions allow maximum use of natural lighting, both within the spaces defined by the separating partitions between them and the rest of the office.

Los biombos separadores de oficina son una solución de características similares a las mamparas divisorias, con una instalación aún más sencilla. Los biombos para oficina pueden incorporarse en cualquier espacio, por muy pequeñas que sean sus dimensiones. Cumplen con los mismos objetivos que las anteriores -diferenciación de ambientes, maximización de la luz natural, comunicación entre espacios, etc.-, con la ventaja adicional de poder cambiar su posición con un mínimo esfuerzo en cualquier momento. Abrir o cerrar estos biombos separadores nos permitirá crear espacios privados o comunicarnos con el resto de la oficina, con sin apenas complicación similar al esfuerzo de abrir una puerta.

In addition, the use of glass partitions allows us to obtain an excellent sound reduction index. Using these office partitions is ideal for creating meeting areas or coworking, which require high levels of interaction and communication between several people. The glass partitions allow conversations and discussions that take place in this area, do not harm the routine of the rest of the office. Also they provide additional privacy by keeping the open concept. 

The office partition screens are a similar solution than partition walls, with an even simpler installation. Office screens may be incorporated into any space, however small its dimensions. Office screens achive the same objectives as partition walls -Differentiation between environments, maximizing natural light, communication between spaces, etc., with the added value that are able to change its position with minimal effort at any time. Opening or closing these separators screens allow us to create private spaces or communicate with the rest of the office with almost no effort similar to opening a door.

From the aesthetic point of view, next to the glass partitions, it is worth mentioning the typologies of office screens and partition walls made of translucent materials. These finishes allow us to obtain spaces with a higher level of privacy than in glass partitions, while the visual communication with the other working space is maintained.

Discover the main aspects and patterns that must be taken into account in the biophilic design in Ovacen.