Envatech :: Mamparas de oficina, divisorias y tabiques móviles
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Design, installation and assembly with ENVATECH

Envatech has different views to concept the design of our products: Starting with ELITE, a system that shows luminosity and class, giving the sensation of a more open space, also has a variety of elevations that breaks with the routine and creates dynamism. This collection offer curved glasses, unique door levers, and led illumination behind the partitions; all new concepts still now in office partitions. NEO is other of our collections, a system that combines black and white colors, giving a sensation of elegance and standardization. It has horizontal components with large areas, playing with forms and tones in order to get a minimalist style. Another characteristic to underline is the utilization of sound absorption materials, providing the system with better acoustic features. And finally with the all-new collection CODE, minimalist, fine lines, dynamic and alternated units, obtaining depth due to the sticking-out structure and the glass and panels displacement, the design concept in office partitions has been redefined, providing exclusivity and a more natural space.