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The office design should be based on architectural sustainability

A new concept triumphs to create sustainable jobs spaces that saves foster energy. Office design is a sector that is constantly evolving, this means that the trend is moving towards the development of workspaces chords to improving sustainability. Until recently, it was unthinkable that the offices were designed around consumption efficiency but thanks to the existing environmental awareness today, an increasing number of workplaces are accredited in Spain with the LEED certification system . Is an acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Desing and are a set of rules regarding use of sustainability in all types of buildings being one of the most important on the international scene. The primary goal of these designs is only use certain strategies to improve the environmental impact also in offices. This types of designs leverages the natural architecture of the building to optimize the use of energy for producing a saving of up to 50% in water and light. This means that, the windows are used for benefit the natural light instead of turning on an entire working day the artificial light, controlling systems water use are installed, the automated lights for anyone to leave them on and other actions that contribute not only to environmental sustainability, but also the savings for the company and the improvement in employee satisfaction because for them is a better experience to work under these conditions. For this reason, is needed the presence of a professional in this field who can develop a sustainable office improving energy efficiency through the use of alternative energy, the efficiency of consumption of water and electricity, development of open spaces and the selection of materials. In this sense, the office partitions and furniture that are elected, agrees with this approach to sustainable development. This philosophy includes the design of our screens, the manufacturing processes of our factories in Europe and Asia also promotes the improvement of environmental awareness of our employees. In addition, sustainability can be combined perfectly the design with a modern workspace and the latest technology while working with the architectural sustainability.