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The office design to promote workers creativity

Diseño de oficinas espacios creativos para fomentar la creatividad de los trabajadores

The massive incorporation of the new technologies to the work environments has supposed, close to other many factors, a deep transformation in the way we understand the productive relations and organizations. The office design faces the great challenge of following the pace to a few flexible and global work environments, with needs constant change.

The innovation has turned into an indispensable element for any economic sector. How can we promote the creativity across the office design? In this article we show you how an intelligent organization of the working spaces can stimulate the creativity, with technical solutions with big possibilities for offices design.

The innovation has turned into an indispensable element for any economic sector. How can we promote the creativity across the office design? In this article we show you how an intelligent organization of the working spaces can stimulate the creativity, with technical solutions with big possibilities for the office design.

Environments separation vs opened concept

The open concept has been one of the preponderant trends in office design of last decades. This idea is based on the employment of big diaphanous spaces, with working places at sight, generally assembled(at sight, generally brought together) along big tables. The principal argument of the defenders of this open concept for office design is that these spaces allow communication and more fluid interaction among workers and departments, improving the labor relations and promoting collaboration. 

Nevertheless, behind this open concept hides often a much more prosaic reason: this type of offices turns out to be much more economic than a structured office in different spaces, according to the functionality. Another of the principal disadvantages of this offices design is the intimacy lack, which can have negative consequences on labor relations. Far from promoting the innovation, the open environment of these supposedly collaborative spaces can impede the concentration and prevent the creative process. This is one of the principal themr of the book Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams written by the software consultants Tom DeMarco and Tymothy Lister.

Must we resign then to counting with an office of last generation if we want to do neither big investments nor structural works? Not beyond at all. Modern offices design offers us a new approach to the working spaces organization: the separation of environments by means of a flexible architecture, capable of adapting easily and rapidly to the needs of every moment with a maximum functionality.


Keys for enviroment separation

Intelligent offices or ‘ smart scullery ‘ move away from the fixed structures and advance towards a concept of flexible space, by means of the use of technical solutions as separating screens or mobile and material partitions as the glass or the crystal, which they promote the luminosity of the space and support the visual communication among all the departments. Nevertheless, unlike the open concept offices, the flexible offices bear in mind the necessary privacy for different activities.

New work environments bet clearly for the separation of environments, with innovative incorporations as recreative zones or rest spaces for informal meetings. The enviroment separation allows us to possess comfortable individual and collaborative working places and areas, for creative or teamwork. Besides technical solutions like office screens or mobile partitions, the use of color and decoration also can help us to define environments.

As for the distribution, the experts in office design recommend to organize the individual places concerning around the working spaces in group, as the meeting rooms, and to place informal collaboration zones near the work areas. There are studies that demonstrate workers who possess a zone of rest in his or her company increase his or her labor productivity. To incorporate informal meetinf zones is another way of creating relaxed environments, which promote communication and creativity.

Nature is another inspiring element that every time is more present in work environments, with creative solutions as vertical gardens. Natural light and vegetable elements influence positively in our mental condition, helping us to create agreeable environments that inspire and stimulate.


Creating the offices of the future If you are thinking of starting a new business or renewing your office with a interior design project adapted to nowadays trend, it will be great help for you to know the last innovations in technical solutions for office design. In these environments, a flexible space turns into an important added value, playing an active role inside the work relations. Many studies have demonstrated that a work environment in which the employees feel comfortable and motivated, has a positive reflection in the efficiency and productivity. Crystal is increasing in importance inside the office design. The use of transparent offices dividers allows natural light flow through the whole working space. In addition, they allow to rely on private working spaces, a suitable isolation, supporting the concept of collaborative work environments.

 A good example of dividers use inside the modern design of offices are the teamwork zones or the offices created by separating screens. These offices screens allow to rely on a space the conditions adapted to support meetings works, opening again the space for the rest of the office when we do not need it. The separating screens also are an excellent option for the creation of rest zones and informal areas, isolated acousticly of the rest of the.

We can forget office screens, which suppose an important innovation with regard to the traditional offices. A classic office seeks to transmit an image of seriousness and professionalism, which can manage to prove intimidante. The use of transparent office screens obtains much more relaxed spaces, with designs capable of adapting to all the styles, from the most traditional to which they seek to transmit a more bold image, according to the values of every particular company.

The current market offers us a wide catalogue of technical solutions for the separation of environments. To turn our office into a flexible space the first step is to follow the pace to a new work organization that changes constantly, stimulated by innovation and creativity.

Discover the elements that you must keep in mind in order to design offices that promote creativity in Expansion.