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Intelligent design: personality and practicality at the offices interior design

Envatech personalización oficinas
lexibility, both in development and in the end, has become an essential quality for the company nowadays. In a world where change is constant, adapt to circumstances and be able to observe the social environment around us, it is crucial to maintain a competitive position. When change comes, we must be prepared. Envatech ® strives to offer the best solution betting adaptability, creating a unique synergy between practicality and personality. The project conducted for the developer ALIVN High ValueProperties in Barcelona joins a series of projects that start, above all, by confidence and have a common goal: to differentiate. In addition to providing a unique personality to the workspace, for Envatech is important to maintain professional line of a solid brand. The 400 m² plant of this project were renewed by Envatech partitions and Neo by Mimbreri Program. The result is a space of great adaptability to customer needs in terms of special finishes (high gloss lacquered, walls and doors coplanar). The interior design provides a particular view of its new offices, especially at high and medium direction areas, emphasizing the management room. No doubt the game that Envatech partintions allow make easier an interior approach which the most important is the intelligent design: design that can adapt to changes.