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Carpets, an added value

Every surface with carpet contributes to the good design and the creation of a more welcoming space. Although the main objective of every office is that workers feel comfortable and at ease, there are other benefits less known but just as important. What are these advantages?

  • Increase worker safety: Good carpeting on office floors helps prevent slips and falls. In case of falls, the possibility of injury is greatly reduced thanks to the carpet.
  • Increased comfort: Carpet surfaces cushion the footing and this helps reducing foot fatigue. Also, carpeting prevents the glare caused by the floor and reduces the visual fatigue.
  • Better insulation: Carpeting offers higher thermal comfort than other types of surface and increases the ability to maintain the interior temperature for longer. Rooms with carpet will be more efficient because, for example in summer, they are able to maintain air conditioner’s temperature.
  • Lower costs: The carpet has a long life and a lower cost throughout its life. With an adequate maintenance of cleaning, this type of pavement offers a good guarantee, in terms of its useful life, than other types of pavement.
  • Acoustic comfort: Several studies have shown that carpeted surfaces are up to ten times more effective in reducing noise than other types of pavements. All this makes a quality work environment, with less sound distractions from the exterior and interior.
  • Improves indoor air quality: All carpets improve indoor air quality by capturing allergens in their fibers. With vacuum cleaning, the allergens will disappear once the vacuum has been passed. Therefore, scientists have shown that these types of pavements reduce allergies in a remarkable way. There are carpets that receive a special bacteriostatic treatment and are more efficient than other carpets that have not received any previous treatment.
As we see, the choice of carpet as a cladding in offices is a great choice to create a safer, more comfortable and more efficient spaces.