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Interview with: Joan Piqueras (Elite)

Skreenmobeel is ENVATECH’s official distributor and representative, which is specialized in creating workspaces and conditioning offices. Joan Piqueras,  Skreenmobeel’s General Director, talks to us about the benefits of ENVATECH collections.

Elite Screens collection by Francesc Rife

ELITE is ENVATECH’s best design collection, it has great elegance in its modulations and allows architects to design spaces which adapt to the new demans of interior and office design. Elite also allows the integration of LED technology, is a high performance office screen, both architecturally and in terms of design and technology.

For us [the contribution of Francesc Rife in designing ELITE] has been a pleasant surprise as it has made the office screens, fit a modern office. It has given us a partitions program with everything needed to accommodate an office with a very high yield.

Today ,of all brands of office partitions that exist on the market, is the only Envatech who offers solutions that the competition has yet to addressed.

There are many international brands, but from our experience we work at ease with Envatech.

Envatech distribution level is for us one of the most serious brands and product level response.