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ENVATECH & SINCOTRON ALBA: At the service of high technology.

ENVATECH has adapted its system partition walls for a very specific project which is SINCOTRON ALBA®; this building lodges in its interior a high technological component since they do tests that are characterized by accelering particles of electrons using energy storage rings with a final result of extremely special light energy. Their productive dimensions of 80.000 m2, and 250.000 m2 available to accommodate companies with a clear vocation I + D + I, exhibit currently this technology park as one of the most advanced in Europe. Upon request of the project have been made a series of cabins with elements as technical ceilings, partitions, flooring and raised floors, with the creation of an internal skeleton according to the requirements of the project with finishes and corporate colors. ENVATECH remains present in projects of highly technological component by completely sustainable materials with their environment, durable and low cost of maintaining that financially optimize the costs of implementation and life cycle of projects in which is involved.