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Ergonomics at the office

Ergonomics allows us to transform and redesign the workspaces due to normally people do repetitive and incorrect movements during their work at the office. The comfort and a good posture of the employee can prevent injuries at the office, or at least can reduce elements directly related with occupational accidents. On this context, it is recommendable to have some points to consider. The setting and distribution of the working elements is very important, in order to have it near and easy to get it, to have the enough space for the material office, such as post-it’s, notebooks, the telephone, the fax and printer, and above all, to get the chair on the right way to have a proper sitting position. Distributing the time with pauses and having disconnection moments allow us to reduce the work-related fatigue. Other points that can improve the workspace characteristics, such as the light, the sound and the ventilation help us not to get any uncomfortable situation to do our work tasks. With all these measures, muscular, visual and even auditory injuries can be prevented, and also claim the comfort of the worker at the same time.