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Office design’s influence on productivity


The extreme business competitiveness that exists today forces companies to look for new formulas to increase the performance of companies. Fortunately, there is an easy and simple method to increase productivity, it is about improving the working conditions of employees thanks to the design of modern and attractive offices to work.

Y es que aunque parezca mentira, el diseño de interiores influye sobre manera sobre el estado de ánimo de los empleados. En otras palabras, el diseño de oficinas y la creación de un lugar óptimo, cercano, creativo y moderno repercute sobre las acciones del personal, su felicidad y en definitiva, sobre su rendimiento y por tanto, el futuro de la empresa.

The design influences on the state of mind of the employees. In other words, the design office and the creation of an optimal, close, creative and modern place impact on employees actions, happiness and ultimately on their performance and therefore the future of the company.


In order to understeand the relationship between creating a workplace and working productivity we have created this article where we are going to explain how far this influence in reference to interior design and the importance of having an office decoration different.


Aesthetics and design of offices. The importance of a creative and different work environment

La arquitectura moderna se diferencia de la clásica por la atención que se presta la a hora de distribuir el espacio y la forma de pensar en las personas que van a utilizar la instalación o construcción a diseñar. Esta atención también se aplica no sólo a la hora de decorar el interior, sino también las reformas del exterior que impliquen la renovación del edificio u oficina, en resumen, la decoración oficina.

Modern architecture has a difference from the classic one because of the attention that is paid when distributing the space and the way of thinking about the people who are going to use the installation or construction to be designed. This attention is not only applied when decorating the interior, but also the exterior reforms that involve the renovation of the building or the offices.

Modern decoration takes into account decorative and functional items and places the worker and people on the first place. Business world is facing a new business world is facing a new aesthetic paradigm, of office construction and design. And it is that until a few years ago the work environments were boring, gray and too classic spaces.

 For example, nowadays an office decoration is that one where the tables are close, but separated. The relationship between people is encouraged, but a certain level of privacy is maintained. It is not about distancing, but about separating and creating creative, conciliatory spaces that distill teamwork. 

Precisely, cooperation is one of the keys for workers to be comfortable at work and to install a good work climate. And is that if employees feel that the company values them by providing comfortable facilities and functional spaces thanks to a good interior design without doubt their performance and productivity rises.

Employees and the search for a different workplace

Current workers are beginning to value other aspects that are not purely economic. In fact, those jobs most sought after are those that facilitate family life or offer activities related to health.

Por ejemplo, las empresas que cuentan con estancias para distraerse, un gimnasio o un despacho médico tienen mejores índices de absentismo que aquellas que no lo tienen. Y es que los trabajadores se encuentran más cómodos en organizaciones que aprovechan el espacio mediante el diseño de oficinas adaptados a los nuevos tiempos.

For example, companies that have stays to distract themselves, a gym or a medical office have better rates of absenteeism than those that do not. And it is that workers are more comfortable in organizations that take advantage of the space by designing offices adapted to the new times.

The needs of the businessmen and employees must converge on the same direction. The workers realizing that one that they can work and the CEO’s or general managers implant creative places by means of functional spaces and the placement of elements as the identical furniture to practical and comfortable places.

In this way, it is possible to take different solutions like space partitions in order to get more light and life in the rooms. Moreover it is possible to place some glass partitions, mobile partitions and all the things which ensure the light entrance and improve communication. The idea is to try to transmit the flow sensation beginning with office design and ending with the employees. 

Nowadays it is becoming more common offices with armchairs, receptions with free coffe machines for the guests, a ping pong room or poufs to sit at any time. Placing modern furniture is an aspect to consider when we are decorating the office

What are the advantages offered by modern office design?

There are some studies such as the one from University of Warwick in the United Kingdom that shows the relationship between the satisfaction that a person experiences in their job and their job results. The results of the researchers showed up an “12 % improvement in productivity”. In this final result, the aesthetic aspect and the design of the offices where the research staff worked were undoubtedly influenced.

It exists many theories and various models that corroborate this aspect. Specifically, the analysis showed that having motivated and happy employees results in the productivity of a company because they work better, adapt more easily to all kinds of changes and tolerate stress better.

One of the factors of this positivism is to achieve a good working environment not only maintaining a good relationship with colleagues, but to achieve open spaces that stimulate teamwork and performance. So, the office’s design influences the result of the staff.

In fact, to support this theory, Sonja Lyubomirsky from the University of California conducted another study on Coca-Cola Iberia workers  which affirmed that workers are less irritable and more committed to work thanks to a good work environment and team generosity.

It is a company obligation to promote an optimal workplace and create all the conditions to take benefit the employee’s potential. In order to achive a good workplace environment it is necessary to have offices and openspaces well definite. This diaphanous place’s creation improve the office brightness  and this is achieved thanks to space distribution which offers the office design. 

But in addition it is also important to have a decoration office according to the space where you are going to work. For this it is necessary to open spaces, place armchairs everywhere, give an informal air to the environment, gather workers with similar tastes, select the areas with more light to do community work, and so on.

The key is to take advantage of every square meter and give a different air to the office so that workers want to go to it every day. Undoubtedly, office design influences labor productivity.