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WELL Certification

WELL, the construction standard, just 3 years since its release, is the best methodology in order to evaluate healthy ambiences for all those who work in a particular environment.

WELL certification is an achievement because it means health and well-being of people in buildings. Interior design is able to manage our habits and choices, to regulate our sleeping cycle and even passively influence the mood of the people.

This kind of certification is voluntary, and given the sensitivity it can cause on the company-employee relationship, more and more companies are betting to respect and help the health and well-being of their employees, a statement of good principles and a differentiation from the competing companies.

WELL establishes efficacy requirements in seven categories or important concepts to the members of the constructed space: air, water, nutrition, light, physical state, comfort and mind. All of them encourage and require about technique implementation, elements, guidelines and resources that are positive to the health and well-being of employees, as well as their satisfaction, productivity, better results and talent retention.

More information available on:  www.wellcertified.com/certification