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Until few years ago it hasn’t been global office designs, and the corporate world was not resentful.  It’s clear that until few years ago the sector of Human Resources hasn’t stayed as fullness as nowadays, partly due to the economic stability offered. There was also no conclusive evidence, as we have today, a convenience rather than a workplace environment. There is no doubt that the flexibility of these changing organizational needs and the benefits of the emotional consideration of the employees, have contributed a la popularity of the office partitions. These has become privileged allies of office design, essential for the Human Resources Department serves the business performance without losing sight of what is human. It’s obvious that the integral office design, it’s positive for everybody, the employees in working in a better working place, the company performance and also in marketing, a good facility design is also of the projected image of the organization. In hermartasl.com, we provide professional with either office partitions, with mobile partitions, office furniture or even phenolic material.