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Professionals share their thoughts on ELITE

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When we launched ELITE last May we conducted a small survey among the attendants. The reason behind this was to have a direct feedback from our prescribers, architects, interior designers and the press. The survey was completely anonymous. The first question in the survey was: Is ELITE a game-changer in creating spaces? We surveyed 44 attendants in total and they said: 97,72% of assistants (43) said that ELITE is a game-changer. 2,28% didn’t answer. 0% said it wasn’t a game changer Along with their yes/no answers, they wrote: “Aesthetic and functionality” – Journalist. “Elegant/ Visual lightness” – Interior designer. “Aspect and possibilities” – Architect. “Mixes design and space usage”– Interior designer. “Versatility” – Architect. “Differentiation” – Engineer. “Updates what is normally an unattractive product”– Photographer. “Widens the range of materials”– Architect.