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The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2018

Having a look at the most emphasized projects of last 2018 according to the recognized platform @officesnapshots, we find a few trends and common parameters that besides being very present in the last year we are sure they will also be determining the way offices are designed next years as well.

Undoubtedly design and originality are already an indispensable report of the project when designing a working space. Since we have already reported in previous posts, there are constantly appearing new working ways, new relationships among workers and new needs that are clearly reflected in the formalization of the new offices environments.

To these new functional needs we can add a component that every time is gaining more and more importance: branding image. Nowadays the companies know the importance of their own recognition having a powerful corporate image associated to themselves that make them unique, separating them from other. An image that transmits its essence and its identity.

A good interior design project is the one that arises from the meaningful integration of both previous concepts. Spaces adapted to the new forms and working strategies: flexible, nearby and functional forms, that certainly integrate brand images that bear the company.

Now will stand out some of the projects that more have been called us Sculleries the attention of the extensive ready (clever) The Top 25 Most Popular of 2018 of @officesnapshots.


– VANS Headquarters – Coast Table: Vans, the iconic clothes and footwear brand, has decided to impregnate their new offices with the image and essence that characterizes them so much. A dynamic, juvenile (public to whom their products are aimed at) and flexible space in which the artistic variety is present in every corner. Different spaces with different illustrations of different artists, as it happens with the design of their products.



– Bumble Offices – Austin: A location-based social and dating application that facilitates communication between interested users. We did not know about ir but their offices have not made us indifferent. They define themselves as a meeting place creating, according to their own words “the beehive “. From this concept comes out the design concept of the entire office project. Opened, happy and colouring, very colouring spaces. With continuous formal references to pentagon (because of the relation with the beehive) in furniture and graphical design. Undoubtedly a grat cohesion project that transmits perfectly well the idea of collectivity.


– Woods Bagot Sculleries – New York City

This architectural firm has designed their own new offices project located in New York. It is a space in which the main purpose is to create, design and innovate. In this case, they wanted the iconic Manhattan image to be very present in the project. The use of materials like seen concrete generates an industrial image compensated for more refined materials used in furniture. They really think the ideal environment for eorking and creation is related to the connection of ideas and the structure of community, without certainly leaving of side the idea of hospitality and comfort. 


– Fender Offices – The Angels The very well-known brand of musical instruments Fender releases new offices in The Angels. The principal assignment of the brand is the artists’ accompaniment in their own musical path. It is precisely this fact the one that guides the projected spaces which allow that purpose come true. Open and flexible spaces once again that allow different typologies of use under the same ceiling: essaying spaces, listening spaces, meeting spaces and relaxing spaces …  

– Adobe Sculleries – London

The Adobe Company, known as the principal supplier of digital design tools, proposes for their new offices in the East of London a distended environment that favors the creativity and the joint work under the motto of natural creation. With its innovative spatial configuration allows the workers interaction from different departments favoring this way the working dynamics. Infinity’s spaces typologies appear, all with an image jointly based on geometry and color so much in furniture and graphical design. It’s exactly the same concept their own software allow users to create.


– Expensify Offices – Portland Another emergent company that we did not know before and is Expensify, dedicated to web and app development for trips and expenses for commercial and personal use. Their offices follow the motto of the own company: “follow your own adventure “. This is precisely what their workers can do inside this new space. Without fixed work spaces, even with the possibility of working from the bar. In a classic environment property of the building they are places in, appear punctual interventions that modernize the stays, also very opened and flexible places, without never leaving of side the proper elegance of the project.  

Check out The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2018 @officesnapshots.