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Different views of the experts “workspace” from different professional backgrounds will serve as a preamble to start a transdisciplinary roundtable, which will discuss what is happening and where the new work spaces could be headed.

In the interior design of the offices for some time now has been used the term “workplace”, like so many other Anglicisms, has incorporated our vocabulary in a totally natural way.

But is what the really “workplace” ?

If we translate it literally from English, “workplace” would mean a job so that this meaning wouldn’t be confined exclusively to the world of offices. The concept of modern office is quite recent, with only 100 years and was born as an annex to the factories, associated to them like a mere complement. So, “workplace” is the physical location where someone works. This place can vary from an office, a house or a large office building even in the virtual place.

We do write together what will be the #NEXTWORKPLACE? We wait you!


PLACE: Arts Santa Monica. La Rambla, 7. Barcelona

DATE: 17 th of November

HOUR: 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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