Envatech :: Mamparas de oficina, divisorias y tabiques móviles
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Envatech has successfully carried out the work of the new Titan Industries (Titanlux) offices located in Auditori Tower located in Barcelona, installing the CODE by Ovicuo partition

and framed doors with double glass, which due to the great design work carried out by AreaZero 2.0, it comes to reflect the identity of the firm, using color as the main element, and creating a dynamic and fresh atmosphere, which reflects the evolution of the company, without losing its essence.

There are some collaborative spaces, including areas for informal meetings, rooms for presentations and projects, a phone box and a large creative area with a forum and relaxation spaces, typical corporate offices concepts adapted to current needs.


  Architecture: http://areazero20.com/ Photography: http://www.noeliainiesta.com/