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Envatech has been in London, where it has celebrated the Clerkenwell Design Week, a great laboratory of design and architecture trends where, for a week, the future becomes the present

Envatech participated by opening it´s showroom to a specialised public and by offering an attractive program of activities. The  Clerkenwell Design Week is the main emerging design fair that takes place in the British capital, and it happens in this North London neighborhood because it concentrates a large part of the showrooms of international furniture and product brands. The difference between this design week and another international expositions it is because of its principles and philosophy: it was born as a platform for the promotion of local design and architecture, with special attention to the Clerkenwell district, the cultural lung of London, seeking to “reflect our unique and vibrant community, full of creative businesses, design workshops and architectural practice”. Gradually it became a focus of international attention due to its local essence: an old bohemian neighborhood full of theaters and artists’ studios in an area with buildings dating from the Industrial Revolution, and its organic growth, as if being carried away by the opportunities that were approaching to her, thus creating a new efficient creative business model with extraordinary growth potential.

This design exhibition, which has already been celebrated in nine editions, has managed to confirm itself as one of the most innovative in the global market. With more than 40 showrooms of visiting companies (67% of them designers and architects), 90 showrooms of brands from 25 countries and 60 thousand new deals and business agreements, in total the exhibition attracted 310 companies.