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Paper #07 envatech – Workspaces distribution

Distribución de espacios de trabajo

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” is a very famous quote of the painter Pablo Picasso. And it is totally true, creativity and inspiration are out there, but we need to help them find us. The problem is that often the poor distribution of workspaces does not help us to achieve creative and inspiring effect, especially in offices and similar places.

The correct physical distribution of workspaces is one of the keys in order to organize the space and improve the productivity of the employees. It is a fact that the work environment and the offices distribution influences the mood and status of the workers.

So, it is really important to know how to distribute an office. It is not only about appearance, but also about well-being and health. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you a few keys for the workspace’s organization and everything you need to know about offices and distribution.

¿How to divide the office?

The first thing we should think is that the classic office concept is changing, the conception of spaces is different now than a few years ago. According to recent studies, productivity increases in open, pleasant and comfortable spaces.

It is not a secret the employees work better when they are motived and satisfied, in this case they are more productive and more efficient. It is important to create the conditions and a work environment where they can feel comfortable and valued. 

In order to achieve it, it is necessary to set up guidelines and a balance between practicality and habitability of the place. It is important to distribute the spaces keeping in mind a good aesthetic of the space.

For this reason, the use of light and the creation of shared spaces is fundamental. Open environments and offices facilitate interpersonal communication. Some keys to achieve it are to avoid abuse of construction elements and corridors, try to build meetingpoints and recreation. Another point that improves communication is to generate fluency between the different areas so to have a feeling of spaciousness and order which it will generate a good environment.


Oficces, distribution and reception, key element.

The recepction is the first image that the clients have when they come to our office. It means the reception should be the reflection of our company. Thus, it is important to know the image we want to transmit. Do you want to offer a transparent and modern appearence or, on the contrary,  do you want to show a classic and curator appareance having the office separated from the rest of the worskpace. It’s up to you!

Just one advice, nowadays the design office trend and the workspaces physical distribution follows the rule of open spaces but defined, shared and not so far from the traditional concept of office. It is proven that the workflow improves when an employee has acces to all the areas from on single place. So to respond the answer, how to divide the office, it’s easy, exploit to the maximum every single corner, leave the closed spaces, search the most practical distribution which it allows communication between departments and open the access to all the employees.

But, you have to keep in ming that certain departments like technical deparments, administrative or commercial have different needs. The key is to join it with a physical distribution of the workspaces according to the needs of each departments, but with an open line and which it favors the openning.

So, no offices with walls that conceal and limit, it is important to use glass partitions that bring light to every space. Define the meeting spaces with specific technical solutions that avoid acoustic problems and offer the necessary peace of mind.

The restrooms, in short, where the coffe machines are, they are the key to disconnect for a while from the work routine. Therefore, it is key to define the workspaces distribution effectively, considering this area as a space where comfort and tranquility play a fundamental role.

Obviously, the needs and possibilities of a small office are different from those that are bigger, and the same goes for the distribution of small, medium or large work spaces. The space limits the actions that we can take, however, there are small things that we can incorporate that change the aspect completely of the offices design.

Small offices distribution

When it is time about the big offices distribution it is not so important the functionality. Think about that mobility  and furniture disposition tend to be more stable  than in smaller offices that are more versatile and changing.

In order to iptimize the space in small places it is important to be succeed with the physical distribution of work areas. For this, it is key to meet functionality objectives, detach from lockers and objects that occupy useless space.

The incorporation of glass partitions or mobile partitions are just some of the options to open spaces. Think that a small office, but divided with this type of technical solutions gives a greater sense of spaciousness than a larger one.

In addition, an office partition separates and gives privacy at the same time that allows a sufficient closeness to facilitate the opening of spaces and improves interpersonal communication. Next to the glass partitions, technical solutions such as office screens or generic partitions are common when it comes to the physical distribution of work areas. Another positive point is that they are ideal for dividing recreational places and coffee machines. Especially, in coworking places with little space.

Finally, do not forget that you can use natural elements such as plants, lights, colors on the walls to get a pleasant atmosphere and a better place to work. That is something without a doubt, your workers will thank you!

Combine the office distribution with an appropriate decoration. You can get inspired by the ideas of Office Decoration, where you will find different styles with which to create a pleasant environment for your workers

Remember, knowing how to distribute an office is key so your employees are happier and that the results of your company improve. A good distribution of the office is the best way to find inspiration in the work, but ask Picasso.