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Paper #08 envatech – Office functional spaces

Nowadays society is in á transformation process, as it happens in the business and job fields. For example, one of the most ingrained work and offices customs such as functional spaces are suffering a different evolution, construction and design.

The current employees and employers needs are different from those of a few years ago. The key is to adapt to the new times incorporating functional offices and different elements that make up an office to give it a modern, flexible and functional touch.

Office spaces, how to adapt them to the new times?

The first thing you have to think about when you are designing, decorating or buying the elements that make up an office is to analyze the needs of the spaces to achieve an optimal conditions according to each space and office.

Office spaces are working spaces in which we spend many hours, however, it is proven that improving the comfort of its occupants optimizes productivity, attracts inspiration and predisposes to work. But the most important factor in order to increase the working life of employees is to achieve a comfortable environment through its expansion, division and organization, for example, configuring office spaces designed by users and for users, it means our employees .

In this way, people who work in these offices stop seeing them as a place of work and become functional spaces, in short, they are ideal collective places for the development of creative and of course, work activities.

This factor seems so simple but in fact it is not unless  a few basic rules are not followed to organize, divide and design the functional spaces of an office or workplace. These rules are also applicable in any space or leisure or work environment, therefore, if you want to know how to improve the elements that make up an office or simply look for functional offices, read on, this article is for you.

Divide and win!

Choosing functional offices is key to the development of our activities and to get a good working environment. However, many times we have no freedom at the time to choose the place or we have to adapt to the space we have that sometimes is reduced.

The good thing about modern offices is that you can get excellent offices and workplaces by making small changes such as the division of spaces, incorporating mobile walls or placing office partitions with which you will get functional spaces and current offices according to our times.

Flexibility and personalization is one of the main characteristics of functional spaces. In order to achieve practical and comfortable places we must choose to give greater prominence to the light, opening spaces, dividing intelligently and being ensure that natural light reaches all parts of the workplace.

For that purpose, it is necessary to play with the elements that integrate an office (tables, chairs and furniture) and relocate them to expand the space. Combining office furniture with the spaces division (partitions or mobile partitions, for example) improves the distribution of light and gives a sense of spaciousness, while ensuring privacy by providing the office with specific spaces.

The importance of establishing modern functional spaces

The use of technology (mobile partitions, rotating screens and technical floor) in work environments convert these spaces into functional places and offices thanks to the infinity of combinations that allow the division of spaces.

The first word that comes to your mind when we talk about modern functional offices is open spaces and luminosity. The current trends are open new shared spaces without restriction of positions, areas or departments.

The interpersonal communication is arriving to a new level and it means to improve the workflow construction of the office. In fact, elements that integrate an office are suffering a transformation and it is increasingly common to see armchairs, ping-pong tables and coffee makers in different parts of the office.

The modern furniture incorporation as well as the appearance of new relax places are part of the new offices and functional spaces. In this way, each square meter is used to perform all kinds of tasks and activities. For example, work meetings can be held in a small room with a dividing partition or used as an informative or relaxing space.

Nowadays in the offices is common to do short and precise meetings in a divided place, but close to the office, and of course, all done in an informal manner. This informal touch is achieved with the division of spaces and the flexibility that allows using mobile elements to transform a room.

The combination of glass furniture helps to create a spaciousness feeling and gain ground. The same happens with partitions and spatial flexibility.Despite the size of a room, the perspective changes just placing a partition in the middle. In this way, a gray and boring room becomes a modern and luminous one.

Functional offices and employees

People are an essential component in the election of the spaces of each office. The elements which integrate an office should be designed thinking in the worker, but globally. It is not about opening a place for each worker, but about adapting the space to all employees.

In other words, it is about choosing furniture according to our needs, thinking about future extensions, doing functional partitions and having common and individual spaces with the ultimate objective of favoring work and communication.

Remember, a modern workplace is the one that separates environments and creates functional offices, but fun and attractive at the same time. Multipurpose spaces and the use of sliding doors, medium height shelves or mobile partitions are just some of the solutions to maximize the square footage of your office without sacrificing comfort and modernity. Welcome to offices and functional spaces!