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ENVATECH: portability as the added-value.

mamparas oficinas barcelona

The company that moves its offices has to face several challenges. Among them, there is the new workspace equipment.

ENVATECH collections (CLASSIC, NEO by Mimbreri ELITE by Francesc Rife) are designed to facilitate its portability process by offering the possibility to reuse all the screens and partitions of the current office to adapt them to the new location.

More specifically, ELITE line, designed by Francesc Rife, improves traditional models of compartmentalization, optimizing acoustics and their installation. By launching new aesthetics forms, it also allows a better customization for the new office, using LED technology, random models of enclosure panels as well as curved glass.

Removals and transfers are never easy but ENVATECH commits to reinstall your new workspace with the elements already chosen, adapting them to the characteristics of the new space. One of the most important advantages is the considerable saving that implies in the costs of the company.

Having a custom design optimizes productivity and staff satisfaction, apart from contributing to unify and maintain a proper branding.