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What is a Smart Office and what are its advantages?

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The Smart Office represents for many the natural evolution of work environments after the massive incorporation of new technologies. Digitization has changed the way we work and, therefore, we need new spaces adapted to this new philosophy. Innovation and communication are two of the key features of these new intelligent office. From the point of view of design, Smart Offices opt for open spaces, which allow a fluid communication between the various departments, together with an adaptable separation of environments.

The worker becomes the main capital of the company and the center around which to build these new intelligent offices. One of the aspects most valued by the employees of these new companies is the possibility of having different spaces, such as rest areas, areas for private meetings or coworking or leisure areas, also known as play zones. Separation of environments provides an optimal environment for each job task, from a videoconference meeting with delegations from other countries to take a short break to recharge your batteries in the middle of the workday.

Environment separation: new spaces for Smart Working

How to achieve this separation of environments? In most cases, creating a Smart Office does not require large investments or structural reforms. The key is innovation, flexibility and proper use of design elements available to us. Ideally go for an open office with a flexible design. Mobile partitions are common elements in these workspaces, providing facilities an enormous capacity to adapt. The use of movable walls or partition walls is an optimal solution, from the point of view of design such as the budget.

A Smart Office is a masterful combination of the possibilities of new technologies with new trends in interior design, architecture and decoration. Separation of environments allows you to maximize the space available, building a flexible environment through mobile divisions, such as separating partitions or movable walls. In addition, the current market offers a wide range of materials and finishes to choose which best suits your project.

These mobile divisions allow fragmenting the space according to our current needs, avoiding large works. For example, separating partitions can easily create a private space for a meeting that can be opened again to the rest of the office when this is over. Movable walls are also an effective way to create rest areas or leisure, ideal for more relaxed and relaxed communications solution.

The end result is a perfect setting for coworking, a new way of understanding the work and relationships among employees that favors communication. Departments are no longer isolated from each other and become connected, able to allow a more flexible and fluid relationship between all members of the company spaces. Thus, walls and partition walls disappear to make way for wide open spaces. Glass and other transparent or translucent materials take center stage, enhancing the open concept, as well as mobile, flexible and adaptable divisions. Architectural materials become another element of this new philosophy of Working Smart, building a perfect environment for communication, cooperation and creativity. A workspace where employees feel comfortable and can maximize their full potential, contributing to the good business performance globally.

Advantages and benefits of a Smart Office

Among the main advantages of these new smart work environments, it highlights the increased productivity and job performance. Smart Office increase welfare and motivation of employees, and their involvement with the company. Of course, communication is one of the central elements of any Smart Office. These offices are open concept, creating different environments that remain interconnected to facilitate smooth communication among employees. The use of flexible elements such as mobile partitions, separating partitions or movable walls, brings great versatility to these spaces according to the needs of each moment.

Smart offices allow the enormous potential of new technologies in the workplace. The digital revolution has prompted new ways of working, own communication channels. For example, videoconferencing have become widespread as a form of precise and immediate communication without the costs associated with a physical meeting. New technologies allow companies to be connected internationally, opening doors to new business opportunities. The separation of these new offices environments encourages creativity and cooperation, creating new meeting spaces and coworking.

Another of the hallmarks of a Smart Office is the optimization of resources. All company employees share the different spaces, which can change its functionality to suit the agenda of each day. Separation of environments allows immediate creation of shared workspaces, known as coworking spaces, conceived as meeting points for the exchange of ideas and opinions, open to discussion and collaboration.

In addition, it is proven that betting on an intelligent office reinforces the corporate image and motivation of employees. Separation of environments, creating specific for leisure or rest areas are aspects highly valued by employees, both from the point of view of the current template as new hires. A Smart Office is an exceptional card of our company and is one of the main elements of our brand image.

Finally, we can not forget that a Smart Office also means a commitment to sustainability. These new work environments are the premises of sustainable building, including energy saving highlights. Incorporating home automation and energy-efficient equipment (lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, etc.) and mobile partitions allow the construction of interconnected spaces with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact.

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