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Technical floors, the best solution for working areas.

There are many voices that defend the installation of technical flooring as a final coating for our floors, especially in working areas. But, what is a technical floor? And, what are the main advantages of this type of solution?

The technical floor is an advanced system that was born due to the need to hide the large number of facilities that usually appear in working areas. Facilities such as electricity, pipes, telephone, air conditioners, etc. it generates a great wiring and other elements that for reasons of security, esthetic and functionality, must be hidden. This is why we use technical floors, which are very used in different types of companies and working areas. The usefulness of this class of element is that it is a floor that is elevated in order to allow different technical installations to be placed under it, which must be registered for frequent maintenance. Main advantages of technical floors.
  • Accessibility: Facilities need to be easily registered during their maintenance and the use of technical floors is very practical for this purpose.
  • Easiness of assembly: As we speak about the facilities accessibility easiness under the floor, we can speak also about facility of assembly. The technical floors are floors of modulated pieces arranged on a substructure. This type of floor has the great advantage of being able to adapt to any floor that was installed before, being very useful its use in rehabilitations on existing floor or directly on forged with a small self-leveling layer in new works.
  • Versatility: the system has a great mobility in case of partition’s changes.
  • Esthetics of the space: facilities hiding possibilities allows a significant improvement in the final aesthetics of space.
  • Fast assembly time: Easy installation allows very fast execution times.
  • Mechanical carrying capacity: Its capacity is high because it is possible to combine different structures according to the need of each zone.
  • Fire reaction: Excellent fire reaction thanks to the variety of finishes that are available.
  • Variedad de acabados: encontramos suelos técnicos con acabados en moqueta, que permiten aumentar las prestaciones acústicas del espacio y ofrecen una gran variedad de diseños y acabados, o suelos técnicos en PVC, que ofrecen una gran variedad de formatos, colores, acabados y la posibilidad de conseguir diferentes composiciones en diseño.
  • Variety of finishes: we can find technical floors with carpet finishes, which increase the acoustic performance of the space and offer a great variety of designs and finishes, or technical floors in PVC, offering a great variety of formats, colors, finishes and the possibility of getting different compositions in design.
In conclusion, there are several advantages of the installation of technical floors in working areas. The great versatility, fast assembly time, facilities concealment possibility…make technical floor an excellent option to consider in all our projects.