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Mobile partitions: dynamism and versatility

One of the design elements more used to distribute working spaces, are the mobile partitions. The dynamism and versatility of mobile partitions convert them to a tool very useful at the time of divide zones, being able to change the distribution according to the necessities of the employees. 

Changing the mobile partitions for technical office partitions, we get a working space very visual and wide, a great and comfortable dimension. In fact, the office technical partitions are very important in the co-working spaces design, it may obtain the just individuality of each table without forget the fellowship, professionality and communication. Main advantages of mobile partitions.
  • Multi-purpose spaces: It is possible to achieve polyvalent spaces with high acoustic performance. In this way we can divide large rooms into smaller spaces depending on the moment.
  • Aesthetics of space: the ability to expand or reduce office rooms, halls, classrooms … allows a significant improvement in the final aesthetics of the space.
  • Variety of finishes: there are a wide variety of finishes: wood finishes, colors or even glass. Variety that allows us to adapt aesthetically to the enclosures near the mobile partition.
  • Speed of maneuver: In order to its simplicity and speed of maneuver we can collect or deploy a partition according to the requirements of the moment.
  • Acoustic protection: The mobile partitions guarantee acoustic insulation between spaces, generating two totally independent spaces between them.
In conclusion, there are several advantages with the mobile partitions in office spaces, classrooms or auditoriums thanks to it preservation of the acoustics, the aesthetics of the spaces and its versatility.