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More advanced techniques for separating spaces in offices

Separar espacios en oficinas

The business world, especially offices and work environments in small spaces have not suffered many changes in recent years. However, recently it is becoming trendy to separate office spaces in the search for large, bright and shinny spaces that allow closeness between employees and improve interpersonal relationships. The modern offices from the big companies use an opening system based on separating spaces.

In fact, most of the modern offices that appear as an example in all the decoration and architecture magazines stand out for the separation of environments and open and bright places. Precisely, light and the spaces organization are some of the things that usually do not pay much attention when designing an office. For this reason, we are going to tell you the most advanced techniques when dividing and distributing the spaces in an office to achieve an optimal, comfortable and modern place.

The best ideas for separating spaces

So you know, if you’re looking for ideas to separate spaces in your office or workplace, take note and pay attention.

The workplace is a place where we spend many hours of our lives, specifically, about ten years throughout our lives if we work on average about eight hours a day and about 35 years, that is, a tenth of our total time . This time is what has caused many companies to try to change the rules of the game and turn the workplace or office into creative, different places that make you want to work. This is where the ideas to separate spaces come into play, since precisely the separation helps and stimulates to improve the working environment.

However, we must understand that we are referring to separate, not isolate. In addition, if it is done in an innovative, creative and different way, it is possible to create a pleasant environment with a predisposition to get the best out of the people, in this case, of the workers and employees. In other words, innovative spaces improve work effectiveness.

One of the best ideas for separating spaces is the placement of customized modules inside the office without changing the exterior. For example, there are dividing panels and screens in the form of a cube, or an inner rectangle of a groundbreaking design that serve to create environments of all kinds, from offices to meeting places.

The compartmentalizing idea of a place is a different proposal and one that you may have seen in a recent movie or series. For example, in the famous series “The Suits” all its offices use a division of offices made with glass partitions spacious enough that increases the light and allows to see the exterior of the street reflected in the office. This model of decoration to separate office spaces allows for greater lighting, gives the place amplitude and improves interpersonal relationships.

Sin embargo, lo que más destaca de la serie son los lugares de las reuniones y salas, y es que alguno de ellos está compartimentado como si fuera un cubo. Pero hay más formas y combinaciones y no sólo en forma de cubo y rectángulo, sino también en forma de pentágono o incluso un hexágono que coincida con el centro de una gran sala. ¡Sin duda, un lugar de trabajo original y llamativo!

What stands out most on “The Suits” are the meeting areas because some of them are compartmentalized as if it were a cube. But there are more shapes and combinations and not only in the form of cube and rectangle, but also in the form of a pentagon or even a hexagon that coincides with the center of a large room. Without a doubt, an original and striking workplace!

Another interesting idea is a compartmentalization with the use of customized glass and custom screens. In this way, a visual dynamism is achieved in all directions and a new life for the office.

In addition, the place where this original compartmentalization is placed stands out for the depth it brings to the place, and the compositional freedom to be able to remove and put elements according to the tastes and style of our office. To make matters worse, the possibility of combining the colors of the screens reinforces the style of the place giving a different touch to the office.

Originality in the separation of spaces

Separating spaces is something fun, and that is precisely about turning a boring and gray place into a different environment, striking, but original and above all, creative and innovative. The good thing about separating spaces in offices is the wide range of possibilities that companies have today. From the incorporation of technical floors, to the installation of temporary dividing elements such as mobile partitions and even the change of floors, cabinets and modules, everything is possible.

The best ideas in order to separate spaces include the use of the place not through a total renovation of the elements, but a modification or partial placement of certain aspects of the furniture. For example, mobile partitions can be placed anywhere, but we can close them, open them or remove them to our liking. In this way, the space remains the same and the only thing that changes is an environment with several possibilities of use in one place.

And if you are looking to separate spaces in offices in an original way you can always customize these spaces or consult our catalog of ideas to separate spaces. Here you can find all kinds of ideas to put the office to your liking in an innovative and groundbreaking way. From the bathrooms with screens of corporate color or cartoons, to the placement of designs to match the floor and other elements.

The key to separating spaces is to respect the identity of the workplace, and that is within the wide range of screens, models and ways to share and divide offices there are some basic rules that must be respected. In addition, each company is different, as is its message and identity, even if they are from the same sector.

Por ejemplo, no es lo mismo un despacho de arquitectura clásico, que otro que diseñe edificios y rascacielos modernos, y lo mismo sucede con una gestoría o una empresa que se dedique a la informática. Mientras que en la primera igual necesita oficinas separadas y cerradas, en la segunda puedes optar por un módulo interno en forma de cubo que integre a varios trabajadores y se pueda ver desde fuera.

For example, a classic architectural office is not the same as another that designs modern buildings and skyscrapers, and the same applies to an agency or a company that is dedicated to computing. While in the first one you need separate and closed offices, in the second you can opt for an internal cube module that integrates several workers and can be seen from outside.

As you have seen, separating spaces in offices transforms your office into a different place, especially if you use techniques and innovative forms such as cubes and modules. You just have to choose, the rest is up to you!

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