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Latest trends in office design

Currently, the labor market is in constant evolution. In fact, there are new professions that, in short, will revolutionize the labor market. These future professions will also mean a working environment change. The digital transformation, labor flexibility, co-working spaces and even remote work will need new work spaces that adjust to the new reality. Then it exists a business opportunity in the rehabilitation and construction of new work spaces where the design of spaces radically change and adapt to new needs.

“Resting rooms”: Rest and creativity places

Recently, there has been a growing trend among companies about the creation of an ideal work environment, providing the employees the greatest number of facilities. This new line focuses on the resting areas, leisure or recreation. In these spaces you can include many elements, from comfortable furniture to enabled areas for board games, entertainment, etc. These non-work spaces foster the workers creativity, improve personal relationships between colleagues, which promotes teamwork.

Diaphanous spaces

The offices tend to open up, to create open spaces. Despite this trend, agreements, meetings, private calls … will still need privacy. Therefore, the flexible office arises, one that can be adapted to each situation and creates volatile meeting rooms that can appear and disappear, depending on the need. In order to obtain multifunctional spaces at the moment, the flexible offices can be equipped with small cubes adaptable according to the need, like the QBox from Envatech, ideal solution to create offices or meeting rooms in high office spaces. Another more traditional options that allow to divide spaces or create diaphanous rooms according to their usefulness are the mobile partitions. On the other hand, removable partition walls or partitions, which are fixed partitions, also give space versatility.

The office at home

About a 63%  of the spanish companiesde offers flexible work options to its workers. Working at home is one of them. So one of the rooms in the home becomes an office. Due to the lack of space, the trend is that it is a department included in one of the rooms of the house, but delimited by some element. This trend is increasing, especially in commercial departments, without neglecting the common space to hold meetings and visits, which remains reserved to the company’s office. 

Smart offices

Smart offices are becoming a phenomenon. Furniture, screens and other accessories already integrate new technologies. Rooms with integrated videoconferencing tools, regulation light systems, instantaneous control over what is being projected on the screens … everything, regulated through a single device.