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The key to office productivity: the neuro-architecture

Maybe the chaotic layout of the office abstracts you from the routine in search of a certain order, that the excessive proximity with your companions constantly invites inconsequential conversations or that the poor interior lighting reduces your capacities to the maximum.

The power of design

To avoid these setbacks there is neuroarquitectura, a young science that aims to study the affect to the mood of people through interior design. And what is the goal? Although it is also used so that one can feel more comfortable at home, it takes special importance in the workplace to ensure the efficiency of workers. The neuroarquitectura enhances creativity and performance and reducing the feeling of fatigue and stress of employees.

The keys

Science supports this new architectural movement. According to the expert in habitat biology Elisabet Silvestre, who also collaborates with the College of Architects of Catalonia (CoAC), “the information that surrounds us in a building causes the brain to generate a series of hormones that affect our mood”. High ceilings to facilitate the creativity of the workers, low ceilings to favor concentration, windows oriented to green spaces to contribute to the well-being, presence of natural light to have a greater efficiency in the tasks, a certain distance between companions to avoid distractions …

Another element that can influence the emotions of the audience are the colors chosen for the walls, the presence of plants or flowers in the office and the election of square shapes or rounded for furniture: while the former generate discomfort, second They are much more grateful for workers.

Flexibility of spaces

One of the keys to improving the user experience in the environment is to provide flexibility to the spaces so that they are dynamic and can be adapted depending on the task that develops at all times. As a result of the application of these techniques, a reduction in stress level of users is achieved and greatly increases your creativity.

Steps to follow

The work process begins with the reception of the brief. Then, we must analyze and know the uses that the client will give to the space, as well as its values and brand essence. After identifying areas for improvement to achieve greater interaction of interpersonal relationships and investigate what materials and technology are the most suitable.

With all the information gathered in this study, it is passed to the creative concept and design validation with the customer, through prior to implementation through various test prototypes. Finally, the process concludes with the manufacture and implementation of the project.

Rising interest

¿Hasta qué punto las empresas están interesadas en implementar esta reciente ciencia en sus oficinas? Aunque los clientes, grandes o pequeños, empiezan a ser conscientes de la necesidad de trabajar bajo los parámetros de la neuroarquitectura, aún son pocos los que la consideran imprescindible.

The success of this new science is already a reality in countries like the United States and is gaining adherents in Europe. And it certainly is a good strategy if you are planning to decorate an office or reform.