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8 February, 2019

A well-known international real estate company has developed a scientific measurement tool designed to quantify the influence of the work environment into the increase of the productivity and well-being of the employers. (more…)

The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2018

11 January, 2019

Having a look at the most emphasized projects of last 2018 according to the recognized platform @officesnapshots, we find a few trends and common parameters that besides being very present in the last year we are sure they will also be determining the way offices are designed next years as well.



21 December, 2018

ENVATECH team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The offices will remain closed from December 24 to January 1 (both included).

10 key trends for office design

14 December, 2018

The digital revolution has propitiated the appearance of a new concept of collaborative work, which is transforming the structures of traditional labor market and stimulating an enormous evolution inside the office design and job environments. 


Design of coworking spaces: the importance of designing spaces for inspiration and co-creation

23 November, 2018

Design is the key for work enviroment’s generation, specifically in the ‘coworking’ is indispensable. The ‘coworking’ must promote the interaction, the collaboration, the exchange of opinions and experiences. The frequent use of mobile panels, separating screens and other imaginative solutions to divide the space giving the answer to this need. Close to the open concept, the design of ‘coworking’ spaces stands out for it´s creativity. The aim is to create comfortable environments, in which the professional feels comfortable, improving his efficiency and productivity.

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